5 Best Countries to Retire in Europe

Retirement is a chapter everyone should look forward to. When you’re no longer in the workforce, the world is truly your oyster. You have complete control of your time; you can spend it how you wish. Maybe you can even start a new hobby, live a healthier lifestyle, enjoy a vibrant social life, or what most people want to do, travel the world.

Now, your retirement is the ideal time for you to visit all the countries in Europe you’ve been daydreaming about. And, we all know that Europe is one of the many continents that have a vibrant natural beauty that will ensure you have colourful retirement.

But, retiring in another country is a large expense, unless you’ve hit the jackpot with your prognose lotto numbers. You need to think about how much the standard of living costs overseas, especially as you grow older because you’ll need to factor in health insurance. But, apart from the money aspects, you can find affordable retirement destinations in Europe that will make your stay memorable, worthwhile, and exactly what you need. We reveal the 5 Best Countries to Retire in Europe next…


Spend your days walking around the sunny coastal region of Algarve. This town has perfect weather, and you’re guaranteed lots to see. From their medieval towns to fishing villas, open-air markets, local wines and, of course, their sandy beaches, it’s a beautiful place to go. And, if you’re a golf enthusiast, then you’ll fit right at home as this is recognized as a top golfing destination.

But, apart from its natural appeal, it has also been ranked the fourth safest place to live in the world. You can get used to your surroundings in a safe environment, where you can socialize and meet new people. The cost of living is also affordable, so you won’t have to worry about sitting at home all day; you can go out and explore the city because there are so many more hidden gems. English is also widely spoken so you won’t feel left out in any conversations, also making it easy for you to find your feet. Other cities you can stay in are Lisbon, Cascais, Coimbra.


France has been on many people’s bucket list, and it’s understandable because it is a beautiful place. Although it’s not advised to retire in Paris, as it is an expensive city, there is nothing stopping you from taking a leap and trying your hand at the French Lottery. Or, more realistically, building a home in the countryside where you can retire in peace.

Take Annecy, for example, which is also referred to as the Pearl of French Alps. And, this lakeside city isn’t only good for its ski slopes in winter. This city’s appeal goes beyond that. You won’t feel like you’re going on one of those ski destinations, no you’ll feel that you’re in a true community that boasts the most beautiful art and history.

Apart from feeling like you’re living in a museum, France’s cost of living is relatively low, real estate is affordable, it’s easy to travel in and around the city. Although France may seem like the most expensive place to stay because of the likes of Chanel and Versailles, you can still live a comfortable and joyful life. It has everything to offer, from the snow-white Alpine ski slopes to the beautiful beaches, vineyards, picture-perfect medieval stone villages, vibrant cities with museums, galleries, and restaurants with amazing food. You won’t be missing out on anything here.


Why not enjoy warm weather and mariscos in Spain? Your life doesn’t even need to be restricted by the day as you can enjoy cool, breezy nights out, hopping from one cafe to the next. Spain is perfect for individuals looking for a vibrant country with sports, eventful parties, flamenco dancing, paella, tapas and more. Basically, for those who want to experience vibrancy in their old age.

Another plus is that the cost of living in Spain is great, and it is known for being one of the most affordable areas in Europe to live in. Making it easy for you to settle in and live comfortably. But, apart from the food and affordability, Spain has friendly people who can speak English. So, it will be easy to make new friends, which is important in a new city.


Because of its charm and beauty, Croatia might be the perfect retirement location. Apart from this, Croatia is affordable and a fantastic place for people who are no longer working and are looking to relax and enjoy their years of saving.

It also has amazing weather and beaches, making it the best place for those who enjoy sailing on weekends. Although the cost of living is on the rise, it still is inexpensive in comparison to other places in Europe and the United Kingdom.

To retire here, you’ll need a temporary residency permit and documentation like identification, health insurance, proof of housing, a background check and proof that you can afford to move here.


When retiring to Malta, you can get the best of both worlds: warm climate, beautiful aesthetics, and nature that offers you a calmer quality of life. This island nation is filled with sun, the ocean, history, eye-catching architecture and amazing cuisine.

These factors allow you to enjoy the outdoors and get the vitamin D you need. Malta is ideal for retirees who were workaholics and never had the time to enjoy some outdoor activities.

Retiring is one of the times you should look forward to it, especially if you’ve been financially preparing for it your whole career. You’ll have the chance to live more freely and manage your own time. And, even though choosing a place may seem like a daunting task, there are so many options. Make sure you choose a place that’s affordable; somewhere where you can make a good life for yourself. Take note of the weather, tax laws, and if you’re unsure start with a trial run to see whether this is the right place for you. And, remember that this is your hard-earned money, so make sure you choose a place that will bring you joy and happiness every single day.

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