Online Sports Betting on the Rise in South Africa

In this week’s Lifestyle Feature of the Week we reveal the growing popularity of online sports betting in South Africa…

Online sport betting has shot to impressive height within the last couple of years, owing to the explosive growth of the internet-based devices and mobile technology. The Global online gambling industry was put at a whopping $49.63 billion in 2018 and is expected to hit a $114.38 billion benchmark by the year 2026, growing at an approximately 11% rate from 2019 to 2026.

From the statistics above, it has become clear that business opportunities in the betting and gambling market abound. There are certain projections in market ideas that could really cut through and make a killing off this lucrative industry in the year 2019, only if taken into full consideration.

Virtual Reality Casino

With virtual reality, people are afforded the leverage of gambling from the ease and convenience of their home with the same experience of being in an actual casino. This technology is said to take the casino industry by storm if more people adopt it. The upsides are seemingly endless. People get to avoid the necessary evils that come with being in a casino such as the temptation of liquor and smoking.

Fantasy Sport Betting

Every year, a huge cross-section of about 40 million sport lovers admit that they enjoy playing sports. The sports betting industry has certainly soared over the last couple of years due to the ease at which you can place a bet online. However, fantasy sport betting is a largely untapped market for online betting South Africa and the entire gambling industry. For a bare minimum fee, fantasy sports lovers can be afforded the opportunity to enjoy great analytics on a superbly designed app with beautiful user interface. This type of app, if word gets out, can draw in millions of fantasy sports players all over the world within a relatively short period. It could even become a major highlight for primetime in major league federations such as the NFL and the NBA.

Target Betting

The mindset behind wagers would be to have mobile app where individuals can place bets on their ability to meet a certain targets, let’s say, in fitness or weight loss goals. Such an app will work in close partnership with those gyms or fitness centers that will be providing periodic progress reports against a deadline. Aside the obvious monetary gain involved, people will be more incentivized and motivated to stay on track to see their targets to an end.


The idea here will be to deliver the most reliable lottery service with numbers generated on a “true” random selection state. Remember that we have never seen this happen with any conventional lottery service, with the exception of some betting apps that provide a skeletal version of this service and have become a new wave in online betting in South Africa. The vision behind this idea is to provide an app that will feature a roulette machine with a spinning ball where people can at the comfort of their bedroom, place bets on the outcome. This kind of opportunity can really take the lotto industry to the next level.

Social Gambling

Social gambling is being projected as the next great thing that is set to take the gambling industry by storm, and even replace social gaming which is currently a million dollar cash cow. The added advantage of social gambling over gaming is that players now get to make money off of it rather than spend those countless dollars on social gaming.

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