The Most Popular Gadgets 2019

In this week’s Lifestyle Feature of the Week we reveal some of the most popular gadgets of 2019, check it out…

We are becoming more integrated with technology and making giant strides that can turn us into cyborgs. The 2019 CES Convention in Las Vegas is a meeting place of all the famous consumer brands. They come together to unveil new tech products, that will attract us and make us want to buy them.

Most people will play betway lucky numbers just to afford some of these gadgets. However, the products are not yet on sale in the markets. But these gadgets are promising and will make life more electronically interesting and easier.

 1. LG Signature OLED TV R9

This is a tiny television to any onlooker but it is actually rolled up. Fancy using betway on this device, then look up the LG OLED TV. It is a stretchable screen of up to 65 inches which can fit into a compact box. It will be launched during the second half of 2019. There’s no price on it yet but it offers a 4K HDR Smart Tv-watching experience like no other. It offers a decluttered view and comes with Alexa and google Assistant.

2. Withings Move Activity Tracking Watch

Withings Move is a new smartwatch unveiled by Withings whose duty is to monitor your sleep and activity. It comes with a GPS tracker with works in sync with the Health Mate app. You can use it for about 18 months without needing to charge the battery. It comes with an analog clock face that is better than several trackers available. The producers say shipment will start on February.

3. MoodoGo Portable Diffuser

Moodo unveiled an aroma diffusers that can be used in the home to create personalized settings with smart technology about four interchangeable scent capsules. This time, they came with the MoodGo device that you can easily carry around as long as you have a USB power supply that let’s it start dispensing nice smells. The MoodGo has only one scent capsule but it is able to fit in car cupholders and tight office spaces.

4. Harley-Davidson LiveWire Motorcycle

Last year, Harley-Davidson was on board with a preview of its electric motorcycles which it named LiveWire. The LiveWire was scheduled at this CES to start selling on August 2019. This motorcycle was made for a new group of motorcycle riders, the type who really likes a noiseless machine to ride in the urban area and that runs clean. It is not manually operated which means there is no gear-shifting or clutch to accelerate it. It marks the beginning of a new generation of bikes.

5. Nreal Light Mixed Reality Glasses

You might need this device to see only betway on your internet. LOL. This glasses can remove whatever you are seeing in the real world and mask it with a virtual content. This year’s CES 2019 saw the unveiling of a pair that looks almost like a normal glass you could wear anywhere. It was created by Nreal, a Chinese start-up. This ready-to-wear Light glasses was made for the users to have an immersive experience with special sound and voice control. The creek displays at 1080p without a big headset. You might like this if you like mixing realities.

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