The Most Popular Pocket Gadgets for Killing Time

Looking to kill time and make your time between flights more bearable? These gadgets might just do the trick, not only during but before and after the too…

Headed for a mini-getaway? Traveling for business, pleasure or maybe even both? These days no trip is complete without the use of digital accessories as these trusty sidekicks help get us through even the most challenging of days.

Electronic games, iPod’s, iPad’s and smartphones keep us entertained and sane! We all have gear we can’t live without. Say the smartphone you constantly check or the camera that’s fully charged and ready to go with you on every holiday.

We have a whole lot of gadgets in our arsenal nowadays and we reveal a few ideal for killing time:

Amazon Kindle

Thanks to Amazon, they have forever changed the way we read. What started out as an online bookstore transformed into e-readers which went on to become the best-selling product in the history of Amazon. Now it’s one of the world’s most influential piece of hardware.

The Smartphone

Sure smartphones have technically existed for many years but none has had such an impact as the iPhone. It first launched back in 2007 and has been likened to a mini pocket computer. It forever changed how we communicate, how we work and shop and how we complete daily tasks. Could you honestly survive boredom without your phone? We think not. Think about having to wait too long in a line or whilst you patiently sit in a doctor’s office or waiting for your Uber to arrive. Catch all live games on your phone and you never have to miss a match or bet on thousands of events, you can bet on any sport game or play your favourite live casino games.

Fidget Spinners

The latest craze is fidget spinners and we can’t argue the facts – they’re the perfect choice for killing time and helping relieve stress. It’s not only easy to carry and small in size but it’s discrete and actually a lot of fun. If your boredom-induced nail-biting, desk-drumming and pen-clicking are your habits of choice then this little pocket gadget may be the best buy for you.

The iPod

This little invention went on to become Apple’s blockbuster device and the turning point for music lovers everywhere. Gone are the days of CD players and radios as the iPod allows people to host thousands upon thousands of songs in the palm of their hand. Looking to refresh your song list with the latest Bastille before seeing them live? It’s a simple click away.

Chobi Cam Cheese Mini Digital Toy Camera

It’s said to be one of the smallest cameras in the world and it’s quite possibly so seeing it weighs in at 16 g. A petite gadget that fits in the palm of your hand and it can take photo stills, capture video and even record voice. Travel bloggers should not it can hold a micro SD card of 32GBs and you can charge it via USB cable so all in all it makes a great travel buddy.

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