Top Travel: Nightlife in Prague

In this week’s Travel Exclusive we showcase a place not be missed with a night on the town in Prague, check it out…

The Socialite is delighted to offer you a tiny glimpse into Prague. Some call it the Golden City while others call it the City of 100 Spires and we’re happy to share it with you either way.

Prague’s bar and nightclub scene is unrivalled and we can’t help but think it’s as inappropriately raucous as it is fun. Once you explore the city you’ll soon see that prices and the local hotspots on offer differ tremendously and you’ll find that there’s something for everyone. Here you can spend a day exploring the tourist-filled Old Town haunts to a few of the city’s hidden gems at night. For some of the locals and infused locals beer is drunk morning, noon and night, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing that Czech beers are among some of the best and cheapest beer in the world!

If you’re in the mood to experience Prague like never before than why not pay a visit to Goldfingers, one of the city’s most popular party spots and a stag party favourite. Once you walk down the famous steps you will be awed by the luxurious interior of the venue which was once a former theatre, where, in the past, many were seduced by the infamous Alhambra Revue. To this day, Goldfingers still holds the top spot amongst all nightlife in Prague after nearly 12 years since its inception.

They first opened their doors in the spring of 1995 and ever since then it became one of the highlights of Prague after dark offering unrivalled entertainment. To this day the local hotspot offers shows and live entertainment in a totally unique venue. Here you can enjoy a themed show of professional dancers ranging from the Copacabana show to their Diablo show to the more classic Moulin Rouge. Some of the live shows even incorporate a few acrobatic performances.

Skip the tourist traps and explore the city of Prague like a local, we guarantee an unforgettable experience awaits…


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