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From TV to the Stage – Jade Hübner Drops her First Single

Top Billing presenter Jade Hübner can now add singer to her resume so The Socialite decided to find out more, check it out…

The multi-talented TV presenter, actress, emcee and model is no stranger to the music scene.  Jade has been an avid singer since the very young age of four. Now 24, and with that same passion for music still burning within her, she recently teamed up with DJ Viktoria and producer Mirage to record Jade’s debut single titled “Midnight Feels”.

What can only be dubbed a passion project, the single grew quite symbiotically when Jade, DJ Viktoria and Mirage came together with one goal in mind: to create their first official song release from start to finish in under a month. It does need to be noted that each artist had been working towards this very goal since their early childhoods, so there was no mountain high enough that would keep them from reaching their goal. The timeline the artists set themselves was definitely a tough one to meet but they also knew it was not an impossible one to achieve if they all worked together. “When you have three highly driven people working day and night to complete a project you can but only guarantee great results,” says DJ Viktoria.

“Inspiration for the song came from local favourites Kyle Watson and Timo ODV as well as international performers such as Calvin Harris, Diplo, Skrillex, Rihanna and Ellie Goulding,” adds DJ Viktoria. The song began its month-long journey with an eight day self-imposed studio lock down for the two producers of the single. Thereafter, it was up to Jade and DJ Viktoria to pen the lyrics. “The song describes the feeling of losing oneself to the music in the middle of the night and dancing without inhibitions,” explains Jade. “But it can also be about finally giving yourself whole-heartedly to the person you love; a no holds barred kind of love that can even get messy and all-consuming” says DJ Viktoria.

Music has always been a big part of the Hübner household with the aspiring young singer growing up listening to her father play guitar and singing and dancing to anything, especially The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  “I sang right through my primary and high school years; even starring in musicals and theatre productions, but it wasn’t until I met DJ Viktoria and Mirage that I finally felt like I could fulfil my childhood dream of recording my very first single,” reminisces Jade. As a result, Jade has an even stronger desire to fight harder to make her mark on the local music scene.

DJ Viktoria, who plays primarily Electro House, Progressive House, Big Room, Bounce and Deep House, has spun her decks at some of Cape Town’s finest night clubs and has held residencies at top venues including Madison Avenue, The Side Show, The Assembly and St. Yves to name but a few. After a recent successful tour of Shanghai, DJ Viktoria is setting her sights on making her mark on the global market.

Nikhiel Maharaj aka Mirage, had prior to “Midnight Feels” only produced music for himself and for those in his close network. In late 2016 Mirage felt comfortable enough with his production skills set to work with a team of artists and musicians. He is fast becoming recognised as one of the hottest new producers to hit the South African music scene.

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