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On Set with Gil Oved

The Socialite reveals a 5 part series as we go behind the scenes with the co-stars on Shark Tank SA. Our next exclusive interview features Shark Gil Oved, check it out…

South Africa welcomes its latest addition to reality television with the debut of Shark Tank SA to the M-Net channel. The reality show is based on the two-time Emmy award-winning US series produced by Mark Burnett – the creator of Survivor US and the Celebrity Apprentice.

The next shark to take the hot seat is none other than group co-CEO of The Creative Counsel Gil Oved.

1.       Tell us a bit about your family and growing up?

It all began with humble beginnings and big dreams. I had a supportive and loving family who made me feel like anything I wanted to achieve I could. No holds barred, tell it like it is family that recognizes that love means having the tough uncomfortable conversation once in a while.

2.       What would you say the best advice you’ve ever received was?

To always remain humble.

3.       Can you reveal the best business decision you’ve ever made?

I guess to back myself and to believe in myself – to be a master of my destiny and the director of my life. Also to start a business, have it fail and then to pick myself up and start again.

4.       What would you like to see from an entrepreneur in their pitch before putting money into their venture?

I want to see a passionate entrepreneur who has a solid well thought out and wisely articulated plan and an entrepreneur who knows his numbers and margins and forecasts and cash flows.

5.       What other qualities does the “right person” have?

I look for someone who failed a few times before. There is one thing that is certain about business – failure is a certainty. If an entrepreneur hasn’t yet failed, it’s just a matter of time and then the moment of truth is whether they can handle it, pick themselves up and move forward. If an entrepreneur is standing in front of me ready to ‘try again’ after failing a few times, that attracts me. Means they’ve learnt what not to do. Often in business, knowing ‘what not to do’ is far more powerful than knowing ‘what to do’.

6.       Most memorable moment on set during the production?

I once came across a business that moved me to tears. I can’t share too many details, but suffice to say, there are people out there who are doing amazing things for others and they do it in the face of great adversity and challenge.

7.       How do you balance your work life from your home life?

I don’t, what is that? What does that actually mean? There is no such thing in today’s tech-centric-WiFi-mobile-phone-by-your-bedside world. I love what I do and recognize that life happens all the time. Not just in the 20% of the time you don’t officially work.

8.       What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time?

I’m a foodie. Love going to cool restaurants and seeing what the artists commonly known as chefs conjure. Great food in today’s times is a mixture of science, art, creativity, aesthetics, smells, textures and flavours. I love discovering new cities by discovering their cuisines.

9.       Who would you want to play you in the film of your life?

Morgan Freeman

10.   Any hidden talents people don’t know about?

I make killer Smashed Avos! It’s my special, unique, secret, never-to-be-shared recipe. I’m actually salivating as we speak…

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