5 Tips to Make Economy Class Flights More Pleasant

Economy class flights are often seen as troubling and unpleasant, but there are ways to make them a lot more comfortable. Here are 5 simple tips how to do it.

We live in a day and age where it is possible to access a lot of things via one or two clicks of the mouse. You’ve surely heard the phrase ‘information age’ before. And it is true that we often underestimate it. Some of us who remember that one time we had to browse shops that sell flight tickets for days before we could find something within our budget, or when we had to travel for hours before we could play our favourite casino games. Nowadays, it is possible to book a flight within less than a minute and the favourite casino game is just one click away.

There’s a lot of competition between companies online, whether it is an online casino operator or an airline, they all try to find ways to attract new customers. Check here if you want to know the pros and cons of playing at Jackpot Cash Casino and keep reading if you want to have more pleasurable economy class flights. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find good service and enjoy yourself, always remember that.

Always Bring a Good Pillow

The first tip is quite an obvious one. The pillow is always the key when it comes to flying. Nothing can make you feel comfortable like a pillow and nothing can make your flight a real nightmare like a bad pillow or a lack of thereof. Invest in a good pillow, it is one of the best investments you can make, as it is definitely an essential tool for any economy flight. Look for a pillow that is shaped like a horseshoe, rather than conventional pillows and make sure that you can walk with it wrapped around your neck, as you may not be able to pack it in your hand luggage.

Move Seats if Possible

OK, this won’t work always, but it is definitely possible to move to a more pleasant seat, especially if the plane is half empty. And even if it is from one economy class seat to another, it might be worth, particularly if all three seats in that row are empty. If all passengers have already boarded and you see that there’s plenty of empty seats, quickly ask the flight attendant if you can move. Be nice and polite, that always help. Alternatively, if it is a longer flight and you manage to make friends with some of the members of the cabin crew they might even let you move to business class if the seats there are empty. Being nice is a virtue in its own, but it is even possible to benefit from it.

Headphones Are Essential

Headphones are another necessity when flying economy. On most economy class flights there aren’t any available headphones, or if there are, they are of very low quality. Good headphones will allow you listen to music, watch films on your tablets, in other words, will help make time fly faster. Another advantage is that you can keep them on your head during checkout and you won’t have to pack them and waste any of your valuable luggage room. Again, just like with the pillow, you buy them once, but you’ll use them hundreds of times. And not only when you’re on the plane.

Bring Your Own Food

One of the reasons why companies are able to offer cheap flights is because they don’t give you any lunch or even a snack. Of course, you can buy an overpriced Mars bar, or even a full meal on an economy flight, but that makes no sense whatsoever, because the whole point is to spend less. That is why you should bring your own food. Simply pack a small lunchbox and place it in your hand luggage. You can pull it out once you’ve went through check out. Don’t pack stuff that’s too heavy or takes a lot of space. A sandwich, few energy bars or a banana will be perfect. Some airports will allow you to bring in a larger duty free bag in addition to your hand luggage, so you might even buy some cheaper luxurious treats from the duty free shop and feel like you’re flying business class.

Toiletries May Be Very Helpful

Pack toiletries that will make your flight more comfortable. Sure, you’re not allowed to carry liquids in packages larger than 100ml, but you can use smaller packages. Being able to freshen up is one of the most important things as flights might wear you off, especially if they’re longer and/or you’ve spent too much time waiting in the lobby. Few drops of under eye gel and moisturiser will make you feel a lot better and it won’t cost you a bit. All in all, it is quite possible to enjoy an economy class flight, you just need to play it smart. Remember to always check the restrictions and security rules before you travel.

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