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Countdown to the Season’s Hottest Summer Trends

Summer is here and as temperatures rise things are heating up from the runway to the red carpet and we can’t help but feel inspired by this season’s hottest trends, check it out…

Whether it’s bold crop tops to printed tees or luxury island resorts, these season trends are guaranteed to have you looking hot this summer.


From lace dresses to nautical stripes and the latest range of printed tees, there is much to look forward to this season.

It’s all about the Seventies this summer as its influence can be seen in the latest collections to rock the catwalk this season. Think Saturday Night Fever and a nod to hippy style as vintage prints meet bold patterns and colours. Fashionistas can look forward to long flowing dresses in feminine prints that take on the elements in style.

Another look to grace the catwalk is jumpsuits making a comeback this summer. Major fashion houses have taken inspiration from the world of industry which has resulted in a contemporary take on the utilitarian look. Dior and Ralph Lauren all-in-ones and jumpsuits were given a couture edge with a gorgeous range of accessories that included belts, scarves and even iconic jewellery. Swapping the warehouse for an art gallery the jumpsuit is set to be the uniform for the chic and sophisticated next season.

Like the Romantic heroines, the models over at Valentino and Louis Vuitton were dressed in delicate fabrics that played on the transparency of ethereal white lace. The intricately worked fabric delicately unveils bare skin, lifting a veil of desire on the runway and highlighting their femininity.


Travel this season means more than just laying round the pool or a chance to try your hand at beer pong; it’s all about capturing your true sense of adventure.

This summer why not indulge in the true spirit of exploration and the chance to indulge in a truly memorable experience. Perhaps soul searching and emerging in cultural celebrations and tradition grabs your attention or exploring exotic destinations and going on an adventure into the unknown. If you’re leaning towards the side of luxury and trends then why not explore a luxury beach resort or enjoy an island adventure.

Travel allows you to explore the sights and the sounds of the world from dancing until dawn on the bustling streets of Rio during the Rio de Janeiro Carnival or watching flying dragons and drifting lanterns during the Chinese New Year.  This season is all about making travel memories that will last a lifetime. A sense of adventure awaits and what better way than to explore the world in a way that deserves more than just a cute selfie.


Imagine a smoky room with Hollywood greats such as George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio sitting around a Poker table sipping on single malt and relaxing with a cigar in hand. This may sound like a scene out of a movie but these days it’s just be an average weekend where a group of friends are enjoying their favourite game.

This season some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities have been drawn to the game of Poker and a host of other casino games like the popular Blackjack or the less known but equally challenging Perfect Pairs, as it is soon becoming one of summer’s hottest trends.

Take Oscar winner Matt Damon for instance, he has participated in several poker tournaments around the world and even when he loses he still gets to be Matt Damon every minute of every day. Or George Clooney who’s love for Vegas started way back when his aunt, famed singer Rosemary Clooney used to perform at Las Vegas. It was soon after filming Ocean’s 11 that his love for the game reached a whole different level and has been a regular face on the casino floors ever since.

Undoubtedly Poker has become one of the most glamourous gambling games of the season and is attracting a huge following at casinos worldwide and online as well. So why should some of Hollywood’s living legends be the only one to be on trend. Perhaps it’s time we experienced the essence of the game and some of Hollywood’s greats can just come along for the ride…

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