Meet the New Stars of the Lingerie Catwalk…

Triumph is turning it up a notch this summer with two new ranges with Second Skin and Curves. It sees innovation, trend and design merge to produce an exciting new lingerie collection and The Socialite reveals it all…

Perhaps lingerie has always held a second place in the world of fashion as they’re just seen as pieces that give our bodies a fashionable silhouette or the clothes we wear for our most intimate moments in bed or lounging at home.

Innovators from all over the world have long been toying with the basic concept of a bra to transform it into something extraordinary with a little help from technology. These creative bras will do everything from save your life to hide you wine.

Do you think you’re in love? Well there’s a bra out there that can tell you! It detects your heart rate and will only unhook for the man you love…supposedly.

A Japanese lingerie brand developed the high tech bra which can only be unhooked when the bra senses the wearer is feeling ‘true love’. Or perhaps if you’re feeling the heat of summer, forget pocket fans and frozen margaritas as there’s a new way to keep cool this summer. Ever considered built-in air conditioning? The Chromat Aeros Sports Bra can sense temperature, adrenaline or stress levels and opens up to provide better air flow.

Last month, the JoeyBra was launched that contains a side pocket to store your phone, money or other valuable items. Clearly looking hot doesn’t mean you have to be hot.

Triumph has just revealed the launch of two brand new ranges this summer with Second Skin and Curves. The new Curves range offers provocative and playful designs that inspire confidence with every turn. They’re made to lift, shape and work with strapless fashion garments and super-plunging necklines. The Curve range includes Just Curves Invisible Solution, T-Shirt Bra 35 Multi-Way and Trendy Curves Invisible Solution. Second Skin underlines Triumph’s long-standing commitment to meaningful shapewear innovations. This season is all about lightweight fabrics – that delivers a natural slender silhouette.

So what do women truly want when it comes to lingerie? Perhaps we do want it all. But sexy and confident are at the top of our list and no one does this better than Triumph…


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