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Socialite Exclusive: 5 Minutes with Langley Kirkwood

The Socialite is delighted to reveal an exclusive interview with multi-award winning actor Langley Kirkwood, check it out…

Langley’s recent appearances include appearances on Generation Kill for HBO,  Clint Eastwood’s Invictus, Dredd and more recently, Black Sails for Starz, Dominion for Sci-Fy and the Emmy-award winning Banshee for HBO/Cinemax, playing Colonel Douglas Stowe.

 1.     Where do you draw your inspiration behind the characters you play on screen?

From people I know, from people I imagine, and people I see.  I read a lot, and find huge amounts of creative inspiration in books.  And in music.  Google helps immensely with the nuts and bolts…

2.     You’ve been involved in both stage and screen performances, which of the two do you enjoy most?

Theatre – but it doesn’t pay the bills.

3.     Was there ever a stage in your life where you thought you would pursue a career other than in acting?


4.     Who would you love to collaborate with one day and why?

I really love working with my friends.  Every now and then I get lucky enough to do that.  Other than that, I simply love working opposite like-minded actors who want to create something magical by working so very hard and having as much fun as possible.  There are too many great directors to mention, but I’d love to work with the Cohen brothers and Woody Allen.

5.     Any South African actors or media personalities who inspired you along the way?

Bill Flynn, Richard Haines.

6.     Any advice to aspiring actors out there?

Make absolutely sure this is what you love and that it’s what you want to do.  The rest should fall into place.  And go and study at a good drama school.  If you’re driving ambition in life is to make lots of money, choose something else.

7.     When you’re not on set or recording voice overs what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with family and friends.  Preferably outside, being active, or enjoying some really good food.

8.     Most memorable moment on set during a production?

Definitely having a half grown male lion sitting on my lap and eating out of my hand.

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