SA Igers Explore the City with Durban 2022

This weekend saw some of SA’s favourite Igers take to the city to explore Durban like never before and The Socialite has the exclusive on what went down, check it out…

The City of Durban is truly unique – it is brimming with ambition, plays host to beautiful coastlines and is home to a diverse range of cultures. Durban2022 recently set out to capture the essence of the city in an InstaWalk and shared the experience with some of the country’s most-loved Igers from all across South Africa along with local media and The Socialite.

We set out to explore Durban and indulge in a few experiences that even included an adrenaline-fuelled adventure at Moses Mabhida Stadium with the Big Rush, the highest swing in the world.

The day started with breakfast at the iconic Durban Golden Mile followed by a visit to the track to see a few local aspiring athletes in action. A private tour of Moses Mabhida Stadium followed suit and it’s easy to see why the Durban stadium is an engineering feat. Sydney has its Opera House, Paris has its Eiffel Tower and Durban has its stadium.

The defining landmark even went on to win the most popular stadium in South Africa and during the FIFA World Cup played host to 7 matches, including a semi-final attended by the likes of Paris Hilton, Leonardo DiCaprio and John Travolta.

This was then followed by a trip to the Big Rush headquarters before a group of highly brave and overly excited Igers took to the Big Swing. Jumpers experience a 60-meter (200-foot) free-fall and a 220-meter (720-foot) arc through the air above the field, before being hauled back up to the platform all the while being kitted out in an attractive little harness. Blue Steel looks for the win courtesy of Dane Forman and Andy Carrie.

For those loving the feel of the ground beneath their feet and donned in dresses, The Socialite’s Chia Kougianos and local Iger Anna-Belle Mulder of She Said opted to take in the glorious uninterrupted views from the Sky Car and if not swing then selfie…

All’s well that ends well though and soon the local Igers and media were reunited and ready for the next stop which saw a visit to the Rachel Finlayson Swimming Pool before we set out to explore the city’s nightlife.

Check out a few pics below courtesy of our local Igers and be sure to show your support and follow their accounts.

Inspired to be a part of the journey?

Show your support and keep up to date on all the news and info on our progress towards becoming the Candidate City that will host one of the most celebrated sporting events in the world. Simply visit the Durban2022 homepage at http://www.durban-2022.com/ and follow them on social media @durban2022 Include the #ReadytoInspire to follow everything Durban2022 related.

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Picture Credit: Gareth Pon

 Picture Credit: Dane Forman

Picture Credit: Roy Potterill

Picture Credit: Heather Mason

Picture Credit: Chia Kougianos

Picture Credit: Gareth Pon

Picture Credit: Chia Kougianos

Picture Credit: Dane Forman

Picture Credit: Gareth Pon

Picture Credit: Heather Mason

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