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Top 5 Highlights of The Socialite

The Socialite celebrates its 5th birthday this week so we decided to look back on the Top 5 highlights of the past year, check it out…

2014 is the year that saw us exceed 180 000 video views,  Socialite presenter Chia Kougianos flash a pineapple, lend her voice to a Spanish novella and pull off a radio segment live from the Sandton Gautrain. The year has hosted some of our best moments and if we had to describe 2014 in one word it would be “exhilarating”.

Now what kind of Socialite would we be if it weren’t for all the events and invitations so a big shout out to all the brands and agencies who have cemented The Socialite onto their guest lists as this year had us pegged at more than two events a week which included the MTV Africa Music Awards, the Oude Meester SA Tour, Jimmy Carr Live, the Good Food and Wine Show, the BMW Ultimate Springbok Experience, MNET Idols SA Finale, Call It Spring’s Summer Club VIP event and many, many more…

There have been a lot of new adventures packed into the past year and things are a lot different than they were just a few months ago. One thing that hasn’t changed though is that we spent the year doing what we love best: providing a source of daily Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment. With that being said, here are our Top 5 Highlights from the past year:

A Live Radio Broadcast from the Sandton Gautrain

As many people know our dear Socialite presenter Chia Kougianos is by no means a morning person. Perhaps if mornings took place around noon she would be but alas…The only thing to get her up early in the mornings however is the Monday morning segment on MFM 92.6 radio where she gets to chat about the week’s entertainment news. As the station is Cape Town based a direct call is put through to her mobile and the conversation is then broadcast live on radio. One weekend however, MNET was kind enough to host her for the Idols SA finale in Johannesburg and one Monday morning she was severely delayed by an outstanding display of signature Jozi traffic en-route to interview the newly crowned winner Vincent B. She was still at the Gautrain when the call came through so that morning’s segment came to you live from the entrance to the Sandton Gautrain with nothing but her hand luggage to sit on. What this little misadventure did confirm though is that perhaps she too shares a fate with Ron Burgundy and thanks to the Maharani Hair Salon is simply put on this earth to do two things – have salon quality hair and read the news…

The Year of the Pineapple Flash

Yes you are indeed seeing right, it was the year The Socialite flashed a pineapple in the name of good bass and great friends. Liam Magner and Jane Baillie of Veranda Panda produced a track Pineapple Sunday which is now listed on 5FM and it has one hell of a music video to go along with it. The Socialite’s cameo saw Chia lose her kit in the name of music but you’ll have to watch it for yourself to find out more…

The Day The Socialite Lent Her Voice to a Spanish Novella

This year also saw an afternoon spent in studio working on a voice over for a popular overseas Spanish Novella. Yip, if one of those ridiculously dubbed soapies you would see on DSTV’s Telenova channel comes to mind you’d be right on the money. While they may be excessively clichéd and predictive, there is just something oh so powerful in their delivery and we recommend no less than an hour everyday for the process to be truly effective.

The BMW Ultimate Springbok Experience

This came complete with race cars, test drives and a VIP suite at the rugby. The whole day was captured on film and Chia got to experience the BMW M4 and M3 first hand. She also dared to venture on the track where she had championship race car driver Gavin Cronje as her driver and Springbok rugby player Pierre Spies as company in a BMW 335 which got up to 310km’s/hour before she stopped looking. Needless to say we think it’s the first time a race car ever played host to a pair of stiletto heels…

The Year We Joined Trace Sports 

One of our best highlights of 2014 would have to be joining the Trace Sports network on DStv, channel 188 for the Top 20 shows where we got to to feature as a regular expert providing our contribution to the world of sports stars and the latest trends. It’s a whole lot of fun and each episode ranges in topics from football scandals and globetrotters to sports diets and the world’s hottest WAGS.

This year has been an exceptional ride and we can’t wait to share 2015 with you all…

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