Video Showcase: BMW i8 Teaser Trailer

The Socialite is proud to present the official teaser trailer for BMW South Africa showcasing the BMW i8, check it out…

The revolutionary electric supercar has become the ‘BMW of the future’ and is built for comfort, speed and ultimate luxury. It claims an impressive 0-100km/hr speed in less than five seconds and a top speed of 250 km/hr.

The great thing about this car is that it is capable of being driven on just battery power alone for l35km. If you are one to do a zero-emissions drive, this car will allow you to commute between recharges as BMW has made use of recycled and natural material to put this car together, making it environmentally-friendly.

Here are a few of the impressive BMW i8 specs for all car enthusiasts out there:


  • Unladed weight in kg (DIN): 1 490/-
  • Max. Permissible in weight in kg: 1 855
  • Permitted load in kg: 365
  • Permitted axle load front/rear in kg: 895/995


  • Top speed fully electric in km/h: 120
  • Acceleration from 0–60 km/h on purely electric power in seconds: 4.5
  • Acceleration o-100km/h in s: 4.4
  • Elasticity from 80-120 km/h in seconds (4th gear): 4.0
  • Elasticity from 80-120 km/h in seconds (5th gear): 4.5

This is the all-new BMW i8, sneak peek below…

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