Come Dine with Me South Africa Series 3 Episode 3

The search to find South Africa’s ultimate dinner party host continues when Come Dine with Me South Africa arrives in Durban. Check it out…

In this third episode of the series, the four culinary hopefuls attempting to bag the winning title are: pig-loving Nqobile, sweaty Italian job Marco, non-drinking wine-drinker Olivia, and Bollywood original Jeffery. Throw in some classic Durban spice and this episode is bound to be a hot journey!
First up to host is Nqobile, and with a fish and pork dish aptly named after ‘Nemo’ and ‘Babe’, she quickly runs into a few unexpected hurdles. Sweaty Minietti dominates conversation, the exertion even causing him to change shirts. Night one ends and everyone is in a forgiving mood, but perhaps not when it comes to scoring.

It’s an Italian feast for night two, and who cares if Marco calls his wife for a cooking tip along the way? The Italian stallion pulls every continental trick in the book to wow his guests with his smooth charm and even smoother culinary skills – and it might just work.

Olivia’s up next, and even Marco’s constant winking across the table fails to lift an evening destined for the margins of culinary history. Instead, dark suspicions arise: is Jeffery playing the dark horse? Does Marco’s winking have a hidden meaning? Maybe the pre-starter tequila is to blame for the American twang that one guest develops. Another shot, anyone?

It’s the final night and Jeffery offers up an Indian themed dress-up, Bollywood entertainment and an unpronounceable menu. His chances aren’t helped when the house snoop reveals his ‘fetish’ to be a sad state of affairs. Jeffery’s assertion that in India guests are treated as gods falls flat on this tough crowd, as the taxis speed home. Are the leafy suburbs of Durban – polite, urbane and quiet? Not on your life…

Catch Come Dine with Me Episode 3 this coming Monday 14th October at 8pm on BBC Entertainment.

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