Meet Blonde Beauty Shayna Daniel

In this week’s Socialite Pick of the Week we feature model and entrepeneur Shayna Daniel where editor Chia Kougianos caught up with her about her latest bikini line, a typical day on shoot and favourite SA hotspots, check it out…

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and where you grew up?

I grew up on the East Rand and still stay this side. Like many others I had no clue what I wanted to do when I left school. I worked full-time, I tried studying travel, that didn’t work out, I attempted the most ‘stable’ and safe option a Bcom but that too didn’t gel with me and eventually I found something I had interest in – the world of Marketing. I’m currently completing my degree which hopefully I will finish soon. As for events, I’ve been in the industry for over 5 years, it was very tough at first and still is from time to time but one thing I’ve learnt is that there’s opportunity in everything you do and you just need to keep pushing on. I have a custom bikini line called LiquidLuna Exclusive Bikini’s, designed and produced by me. I work with a fantastic venue in JHB – The Sands and I’m enjoying the challenge and opportunities it brings as well as working with Colorblynd Entertainment on their events and marketing side of things.

2. What is a typical day like for you?

What I love about this industry is that no two days are ever the same. It keeps me on my toes and out of trouble (Laughs). Some days I wonder what on earth I am doing in life but am always reminded why I love what I do.

On a quiet day, I am lucky enough to sleep in and start my day around 10am and work from home doing quotes, admin and research on upcoming trends, proposals, setting up meetings etc… so my time is my own.

A busy day however, could mean waking up at 6am (after sleeping at 3am) finish up orders, deliveries and fittings of clients, sourcing fabrics/materials, invoicing, social networking which has become an integral part of my daily life and can be extremely time consuming. Most days I try book event work which could happen to be 1 or 2 events straight after each other so need to fit in other work before, after or in between these jobs. On days where I have bikini orders, I usually work when I get back from a job and finally end up sleeping around 2/3am.

3. Most memorable shoot location?

The two that came to mind is the dunes at Kolmanskop (Ghost Town) in Namibia. But I’m a sea lover, so the shoot we did in Mozambique from Maputo to Inharca is right up there. Both were amazing places, one desert and one sea.

4. Upcoming projects?

I’m trying to focus mainly on my bikini line, looking at retail options at the moment. I need to finish all the samples first. In terms of marketing, I’m hoping to get more involved with the booking and coordinating aspect of events.

5. Who would you love to work with one day and why?

Phew! Haven’t really thought about that one… I can’t say I’ve fantasised about working with anyone in particular. As long as the person has a light-hearted sense of humour combined with a business-mind and can share life experiences on their travels then I’d definitely work with them.

6. Favourite SA hotspots?

I don’t think I have 1 specific party spot in SA because as long as there’s music I can dance to, perhaps even sing to at the top of my lungs, I’ll be in my element. Vida e Caffe makes the best Lindt chocolate Frio’s. Food wise, for pasta, Spiga D’Oro in Florida road is just the best of the best. Otherwise there’s a quaint little place in Bedfordview called Osteria Rossa which I love, it’s got a great European vibe.

7. Your greatest indulgences?

Hmmm… I definitely have a self-control problem when it comes to buying shoes. Once I’ve tried them on I can’t not take them, this can become a problem if you’re trying on a few pairs!

8. Your music collection consists of?

Human League, Yazoo, OMD, REO Speedwagon, Simple Minds, Fleetwood Mac, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Eurythmics, Queen, Abba, UB40, David Guetta, Bingo Players. Probably the most random collection of music.

9. Your best stress reliever is…

Putting my phone off or to silent and taking a walk around a mall for a few hours.

10. What will we find on your nightstand?

Nail varnish, Hairspray, baby powder, Body lotion, perfume.

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