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In our latest column The Game Changer by Durban’s own Oscar Anderson he delivers his weekly editions of love, life and everything in between. Check out this week’s feature entitled Heart Market…

This past weekend I paid a visit to one of our local flea markets. And although there is a drive amongst South Africans to buy proudly local, I must be honest that some of the items are just not worth the trip back next week only to purchase a new one. I would rather save up a little bit more and purchase something with at least a warranty or makers mark. The same should apply to February, the month of the “L” word.

If you do any type of grocery shopping you will realise that prices are quickly inflated when the demand increases. Not that I want to start an Economics 101 lecture, but it is a simple concept to understand. Why then do we not apply the same to our relationships? So during this month when the search for love has been inflated, why is it that we are still looking for bargains instead of saving up for something with a bit more quality and without a reputation for breaking.

I have been “on the market” for quite some time now, and the ladies in my office are constantly trying to play match maker and seem genuinely concerned for my future, as if being single is a sickness. As any good Dr Love would prescribe, a daily dose of butterflies in the stomach will quickly sort that out. But I still want to know why being in a relationship is considered the ultimate goal, does it show a balance in one’s life or is it more of a fashion statement? If it is merely a fashion trend then I would prefer to save up than rather buy into something that has the worn in look or comes out of the marked down bargain basket. People seem to be rushing into relationships purely for the sake of being in one. They use and reuse other people’s hand-me-downs until they are faded and the resultant dirty laundry is so threadbare that they only become sleep wear which you wouldn’t wear out in public.

When I do any shopping I usually feel the material first; now physically feeling up your potential partner is not quite the point that I want to put across, but personally, my favourite relationships and items of clothing were both worn as often as possible for the simple fact that they felt good on me. Of course the look factor comes into play and everyone is impressed with brand names, but it is the feel that should be the selling point. I may be wrong, and this is just my point of view, but girls who wear boob-tube style clothes look very uncomfortable. Now they look great and accentuate certain features, but is it worth having to constantly adjust your outfit throughout the day? It looks like a lot of effort. I do not think that when looking for a relationship that we should base it solely on the appearance to others, and if it requires constant adjustmentand a special type of bra then perhaps it needs to be re-thought.

When shopping for a relationship, it may be a wise idea to glance over the label and have a look at the composition. Relationships with less than 50% trust or most definitely certain to shrink in the wash and 30% or more bullshit blends need to be hand washed, to the face. And instead of shopping for something that you can fit into, perhaps you should look into something that rather fits you and is an outfit on its own without any additional accessories.

Most of all make sure that your relationship fits into your life’s budget, can you afford to be in a relationship? Not necessarily in a monetary sense but in every way in which a relationship can cost you. For women it may come a little harder when it comes to shopping, but ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”.  Be a smart shopper, no card required, just swipe your heart.

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