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Relationship advice columnist Roudy Romeo has been there and knows how to help. He dishes out the truth just as he sees it in our newest addition to The Socialite offering readers life, sex and relationship advice in his signature sharp style. Check out this week’s edition entitled Mind the Gap…

Dear Roudy Romeo

I have recently started dating a really great lady, however, she is older than me. My friends say that it will never last but who is to say that it won’t? Is age really an issue?

Cougar Friendly

Dear Cougar Friendly

I think that a congratulations is in order on being our first guy to write in, and high fives all around on getting with an older woman. Many men have gone before you and fallen short of the glory of dating an older woman. To you sir, I shake your hand. And forget your friends. Jealousy. That’s what comes to mind, so forget them.  Man up and accept the challenge.

From a young age you would have noticed that girls mature a lot quicker than boys and so what? They use that maturity card just to cover up the fact that older guys can look after them and their materiality issues. Age is also only a factor until perhaps second year varsity. This is because we are still under the school mentality and only aware of age because of the dividing school grades. I highly doubt that age is one of the qualifying categories anyone asks when on the dance floor. And, as it is usually the girl who either accepts or declines our offers, your lady clearly does not consider it an issue.

There are however limits to the age differences. If there is only a year or less difference between you two, then I personally do not see any difference. Although I have a few lady friends with the same age gap and I constantly tease them and blow it out of proportion. In a relationship where the difference is unnoticeable then you are still the man in the relationship, put the pants on and buckle up. Use it to your advantage and brag about it around her and your friends, it will settle any uneasy conversation your friends may be wanting to ask. I think that as long as you two are comfortable with it then there should be no problem.

The ages to look out for is when women are between the ages of 26 and 31. Women in this age group are usually on the clock, they have a plan, know what they want and you better shape up and fit in. You do not wear the pants here. In fact you may as well wear a collar, play fetch and roll over. This is not applicable to guys who are older as that was the original plan for these women, you are more likely to be the “I’ll take what I can get” plan. These women are looking for a man, and if you still have to phone the AA to change a car tyre or ask your dad how to make a braai, then you may as well ask her to kill the spider on the wall too.

If there is more than a ten year age gap then I suggest that you go out and buy yourself some batteries, because you my man are nothing but a toy. You also do not wear the pants in this situation, you are more likely to be dressed up as a fireman, with just the hat on. Women that much older than you are only looking to pass the time. And unless you are Ashton Kutcher, then it just doesn’t work. The theory behind dating older women is that they know more “stuff” and it becomes a great story to tell your mates, nothing more. I always say that if you are old enough to date their daughters then that is what you should do.

It comes down to one thing only, are you man enough? If you are still looking to gain experience with someone who knows more than you do and hoping to have a long term relationship, then my answer is no. Listen to your mates, if there is more laughing than respect and silent nods of approval, then know that you are underage for this party and you have a curfew.

Your Cougar Tamer

Roudy Romeo

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