Ask Roudy Romeo: Crouching Girlfriend, Hidden Dragon

Relationship advice columnist Roudy Romeo has been there and knows how to help. He dishes out the truth just as he sees it in our newest addition to The Socialite offering readers life, sex and relationship advice in his signature sharp style. Check out this week’s edition entitled Crouching Girlfriend, Hidden Dragon…

Dear Roudy Romeo

There is this guy that I really like and I know that he likes me but he isn’t making any moves. Is it acceptable for the girl to make the first move or should I just wait? Please help.

Damsel in Distress

Dear Damsel in Distress

There is one fundamental factor which I believe should always be the corner stone of every relationship, new or old, and that is communication. That, and knowing that guys are clueless. You can bet that has no idea that you like him and possibly gets just as nervous as you do. Women have it easy, you get to stand there and call the shots like an episode of Next while the guy fumbles and stutters his way through a few simple sentences. Lord help him if you give the poor guy a ticket home, where his mates will undoubtedly rub it in.

The year 2012 has three benefits for all the ladies out there asking the same question, let me guide you through them. Firstly, and most favourable for ladies is that this year is a leap year. Traditionally, the leap year is the year for women to put on their big girl panties and take the first step.(Personally I do not think that it should only be every four years)Women fought for centuries to be seen as equals to men, yet are more than willing to sit back when it suits them. What is the issue anyways, that you are scared or that it’s not lady like? It wasn’t seen as lady like to wear pants not so long ago, yet women always try to wear them in the relationship. If you already know that he likes you then this is what you have to do…pull up and button up. You can always unbutton them after he says yes.

The next beneficial factor for this year is that it is the Chinese year of the dragon. Only appearing every twelve years, this magical beast should be your strategy for the next year. There are also twelve months in the year should you decide that you actually enjoy your new found courage, and want to have a go at a guy for each of the different star signs to find your match. Be the dragon this year. Dragons have several features that you can use to your advantage. They are, unless you used to swap magic cards at school, not real. You need have an air of mystery about you. This will build up the interest he already has in you and will guarantee a positive result in your quest. Do not make your intensions too well known, let Prince Charming think that he is the one doing the slaying. Remember that you are only making the first move, let him do the rest of the work. Dragons are also fierce. I personally never heard a fairy tale where the dragon decided not to protect its castle. Make your relationship your castle, and burn the bugger if he tries to mess it up.

Lastly, this is the last year. According to our friends, the Mayans, this is the last year. So make it count, make the most of it and make him say yes, yes, yes. There have been many movies and theories written on the apocalypse, and unless you are Liv Tyler and are after Ben Affleck then none of the other versions bode well for human kind. If you do not do it now then there may not be another leap year, or year of the dragon for that matter. So crouch, touch, pause, and engage.

Your knight in shining armour

Roudy Romeo

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