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Jack Parow – Fresher than Zef

SA’s beloved Afrikaans rapper, Jack Parow, will release his eagerly anticipated sophomore album, EksieOu, under his own label, Parowphernalia as well as a next-level braai sauce. The Socialite finds out more…

The rapper’s album will hit shelves early December with EksieOu, which follows in wake of his platinum selling album, Jack Parow, released in May last year. 

Jack Parow is back with an album that will make you laugh, think, cry and basically get down says Jack. “I just want to give people something to laugh about.  South Africa has so much kak for people to worry about, so when they listen to my CD they can laugh a bit.  I also have some serious songs, but they have a light undertone.”

Hear more about the album from the man himself:

Describe the sound on EksieOu…

“As with my first album, it is a mix of a variety of music.  It moves from hard Hip Hop beats to Boeremusiek to Dub Step to Adult Contemporary music.  I’m not sure what adult contemporary is, but it sounds heavy.  So yes, it is a journey through various influences that grabbed me during the writing process en drunk nights.  But I think it is lekker; something for everyone and everyone for something as the Three Musketeers said.”

How is this album different from the first album?

“Well, it’s different lyrics and different music, so that’s the first way it’s different.  I think also because I am supposedly cooler than before (I’m not, but don’t tell anyone, otherwise my street cred will be destroyed), I can work with fancier and more radical musicians.  On my first album there were pity collaborations, but this time everyone is more borderline happy to work with me, so the beats and lyrics are shmaarter.”

What was it like to collaborate with Dawid Kramer?

“Dawid Kramer is like my hero.  I am crazy about him.  I grew up on his music and I still have all his records.  So to do a song with him was heavy next-level and also intensely nerve-wracking, because I wanted to be cool.  I thought so much about how to be cool, that I looked like a nerd and acted weirdly, but thank the lord he still did this track with me.  He probably felt sorry for me.”

Parow Braaisous

This month will also see Jack Parow release his own braai sauce called Parow Braaisous before the end of this month.  This next-level braai sauce will be available at Checkers stores in the Western Cape for R17.99. 

“I’ve travelled all over the world and stuff, and looked everywhere for the perfect sauce, from the foothills of Tibet to the vlaktes of the Karoo, from the streets of New York to the backstreets of Goodwood…and finally found the best braai sauce known to man…this sauce is so gevaarlik I have actually replaced my milk with it…so I put it in my coffee and I eat it with my Coco Pops…so checkituit,” says Jack.

Parow’s no.1 Braai Tip?

Maaksekerdaar is flam op die hout

en daar is brannas by die Coke

fill your glass up with ys

and drop Parowsous on jouvleis

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