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Behind the Scenes: David Guetta and Akon Live in SA

The Socialite crew were in Cape Town recently to bring you some behind the scenes pics and footage of David Guetta and Akon when they performed live in SA. Chia Kougianos reveals the mayhem that ensued…

One of the absolute joys yet absolute stresses of being in such an industry is the possibility of last minute travel and interview opportunities and the St Yves Music Festival featuring David Guetta and Akon Live in SA was no exception. A press conference and meet and greet which was confirmed late Thursday evening was to be held the following afternoon with the concert itself set to take place later that night in the Cape Town leg of the tour.

Thanks to Urlocata.com The Socialite crew was on the first plane out of Durban to arrive at Cape Town International in time for the luncheon. As you can imagine early morning chaos ensued with securing flight bookings and hotel accommodation plans to be made as well as the choice of wardrobe and Video Showcase questions to be prepped.  

It’s all about the right interview questions when it comes to celebsville at the end of the day. There’s almost like there’s an unspoken Presenter Hand Guide when chatting to well known personalities on camera and that is to at all times approach with caution. Do not be overtly cheerful. I repeat do not, as most often than not they are either hanging or jet lagged and a sunshine approach will not end well. Then there is the sad fact to bear in mind that no matter how exhaustively researched your questions may be, inevitably one question will induce a  grunt or murmur or in most cases monosyllabic answers for the artists and bands are forever trying to play the cool game and avoid being seen as overtly keen to be featured. Meh.

Keep in mind that you only have a minute or two to engage your subject, so those first few moments are key for celebrity-nobody relations. Wait, what? Nobody? Pfft The Socialite aint nobody with 11 Video Showcases under our (narrow, designer) belt in just over a year but alas, to David Guetta, bearer of the No.1 DJ in the World title, we are and will have to prove from scratch we will produce a flattering exclusive. Anyway, getting back to the intro. The big bang. The opening one liner to avoid the invitation of dead gazes and rigid smiles at all costs, the intro sentence to get us through the awkward chit chat and straight into a fabulous scoop of exclusivity is all to do with…sincerity. We’re not there to report on tales of mischief or scandalous encounters with barely legal fans, we’re here for an opportunity to showcase to you, our dear readers, the men behind the music and this is what we set out to do.

We arrived at the 15 on Orange Hotel in Cape Town straight from the airport to be greeted with a select few photographers and media personalities which included the likes of SA’s Celebrity Expert and Autograph Hunter Clayton Morar, Top Billing presenter Jeannie D and Expresso presenter Liezel van der Westhuizen.

The Socialite crew consisting of myself, Chia Kougianos, Video Producer Marcello Maffeis and photographer Caroline Burne as well as our Socialite Ambassador Roxy Illbury were all set and rearing to go and soon saw our first afternoon in Cape Town begin at the Murano Bar at the 15 on Orange. It’s absolutely gorgeous and was a perfect place to mingle and enjoy the scenic views before the frenzy that ensued.

After quite some time (two hours to be exact) and a few glasses of bubbly, the man of the hour arrived with a motley crew of bodyguards and no Akon. Akon unfortunately was not able to attend the photo session as he was suffering with sleep deprivation after a gruelling week of gigs but we did manage to snap the muso on his way up from the hotel lobby where he donned a two piece suit complete with diamond stud earrings.

David Guetta finally surfaced after the third hour looking rather starry eyed and slightly distant as he perhaps mentally prepared for the onslaught of camera flashes and filming. I soon find out that the rumours circulating about his phobia with germs is in fact true and he rarely if ever shakes people’s hands in introduction or gets in close for a team photo. But alas, the powers that be were quite stringent on the use of pics and filming and no unauthorized shooting was to take place at any time due to the artist’s alignment with particular brands and contract clauses. However we did manage to snap the star on arrival as well as gain permission to film a snippet at the concert itself which will be loaded to our Video category very soon. Keep a look out for behind the scenes footage of his meet and greet with the media and his live set at Thunder City in Cape Town on The Socialite. We wouldn’t let ya down now would we…  

We then travelled to Century City where checked into the Manhattan Suites Hotel courtesy of Signature Life Hotels who hosted The Socialite crew for the weekend. The hotel has breathtaking views of the canal and with couches as comfortable as the ones in the luxury apartments it’s no wonder we made it out to the concert at all.

 A special word of thanks to Melanie Roberts of Signature Life Hotels, Glyn Taylor of Manhattan Suites and to all the staff for the most memorable stay.

We have included our stay at the gorgeous hotel in the David Guetta and Akon Live in SA Video Showcase as well so you can see more of the Century City hotspot.

Two minutes to go with the sound of enthusiastic hooters and traffic and partygoers alike on the rise, we headed off to Thunder City where the St Yves Music Festival starring Multi-Grammy Award winner David Guetta and his collaborator hip hop star Akon were performing.

Supporting acts included Joe Bermudez and DJ Jenny LaFemme as well as SA’s much loved Jax Panik, whose recent music offerings have been making waves in the local music scene.

There are a few DJs in the world that can create the same reaction that David Guetta soon sparked. Whether it’s the 10 000 concert-goers dancing along mix after mix four hours into his set at Thunder City in Cape Town or in a darker, small handful of partygoers breaking it down on the dancefloor at his hometown’s bustling night spot, Guetta will get your attention.

Soon to appear on stage sporting yet another suit was none other than Akon himself and he seemed renewed and fresh as he erupted in song for a few collaborations with the French DJ. He has produced a few number one singles and certainly has weight in the industry but nothing quite like our Socialite Ambassador Roxy was feeling when the Hip Hop star decided to stage dive into the Golden Circle’s head strong crowd almost crushing her in his wake.

I am happy to report though that no casualties were made in the making of the Video Showcase so you have no excuse not to check it out dear readers. 8am flights, peak hour traffic, four hour waits and stage diving was all endured in the name of the exclusive so please, pretty please watch this space for the upcoming video.

Until next time…Ciao for now xx

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  1. Lisa G

    Ah fabulous article, wish I worked for The Socialite!!!

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    So cool, you get to meet all the celebs in town! I want your job!

  3. Michael

    Rad post guys. Pity bout Akon what a jerk

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    Beautiful pics girls!

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    The Manhattan Suites are great, I proposed to my fiancee there. Such great memories

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    Nice article Chia!

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