Snow Queen

Everything has a story, everyone has a story, and somehow she lands her Kardash (name given to her glorious behind) in situations that are either supremely glamorous or completely sticky. From rubbing shoulders with the glitterati at movie premiers to serial dating disasters with men that smell vaguely of parmesan, read it here first in this week’s edition of C ‘est Lauren Vie exclusive to The Socialite…

Up until a week ago I was an absolute snow virgin, even though I thought that white was the symbol of purity, I had never seen or touched the cold n fluffies.  I have for the first time been exposed to this icy vale in the most extreme ways possible as London experiences some of its most wintery weather.  The city was like a ginger cake, interesting, tasty and bittersweet,  now frosted with the most beautiful layer of vanilla snow. Walking anywhere is like stumbling around a Christmas snow globe full of Christmas sparkles that playfully settle on your nose and eyebrows.  Having said that, it takes me double my journey time to get down the road as I take small Geisha like steps so that I don’t fall on my (now bigger) behind on the sometimes treacherous sleet. I am positively and irrevocably (word used by pale depressed chick in twilight) in love with snow. I am the queen of snow.

Working in an online media agency means that Christmas brings the cool factor in more ways than snow. Its time to schmooze and celebrate all our corporate successes in ways that involve elaborate lunches and ego fluffing. My schedule for the next week includes the IVY, Aqua Kyoto, Maddox and a few other oh-so-mentionable’s that will make for the most glamorous week, ending off with a fizzy explosion of a Christmas party that will trump any agency’s Christmas party hands down. Our reputation depends on it.  It would be crass to reveal too many details but let’s say A-list performers, opulent location and a dazzling theme of all that sparkles/twinkles/frosticles. Fittingly I am going as a snow queen and my grey dress, that falls to the ground like cool water, is adorned with jewels and a crown made of the most delicate twigs and snowflakes that anyone is likely to have Narnia envy.

As my (United) Kingdom grows colder the atmosphere and friendship grows warmer as everyone plans for Christmas getaways and returning home to be reunited with families around a fire. The smell of warm cinnamon fills your senses as your enter any Starbux for a ginger bread latte’, the taste of mulled wine is available to you at every street corner and the mesmorising orchestra of lights plays above your head on the main shopping streets of central London. Even swans ice skate over frozen ponds and the nut roasters seem like they have been plucked out of a Charles Dickens novel. Despite the fact that I am attending the nutcracker ballet and winter wonderland in Hyde Park, It is impossible to not feel regal during this festive time… snow matter who you are.

Enjoy the festive season x

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