Fashion Forward with Molly: A Chat with Natasha Ndlovu

 In this week’s edition of Fashion Forward with Molly, Miss Molly catches up with former SA girl turned international model Natasha Ndlovu to talk life, fashion and meeting thee Jimmy Choo…


Name: Natasha Ndlovu

Occupation: Model / Blogger 

Age: 22

Your Home town: I currently live in London but I grew up in Johannesburg, SA

So on your blog it says you studied Art! How exciting – tell us what you plan on doing with your qualification?

When I am not modelling, I am also interning at the Russian Department at Sotheby’s London. I have been doing fashion photography as well and hope one day I can work at a magazine.

What does your day to day routine involve?

 Some days I go to castings, so that involves carrying my model book around London going to meet different designers and photographers. On my days off I read and organise photoshoots and go to art galleries.


You recently blogged about  a trip you did to SA for the world cup to visit family, what was that experience like?

It was so nice to be home to see family and eat home cooked food, especially boerwors which I miss. There are South African shops in London but it’s not the same as getting your mum to make it for you, whilst snacking on Simba chips ! 

Word is that you have met thee Jimmy Choo himself, what was the experience like for you?:

 It was at a house party once in a suburb where I used to live and I was chatting with a friend when he pointed over and said there is Mr. Jimmy Choo himself coming through the door. It was lovely talking to him. He is so down to earth and the hostess was lucky enough to have her pair of shoes signed by him. 

Any exciting accomplishments happened recently in your career?

I did a shoot with photographer Rankin about a week ago. It was part of a project called All Walks, involving the amazing Erin O’Connor. It was a part of London Fashion Week and I am very excited for when the photos come out. 

Which is your fav city and why?:

 I love London because of how cosmopolitan it is. I lived in Canada for 4 years and also Paris for one year and I feel like London is a good balance between North America and Europe.


What are you seeing in stores at the moment that you love?:

 Shearling jackets, especially the ones from Acne and Burberry. I tried an Acne one on and it felt amazing! 

Your fav store?:

Liberty’s. It’s got the best jewellery collection whenever I want to add more to my collection. 

Your fav item of clothing?:

 My Topshop leather jacket. I wear it almost everyday

Your fav designer?

 Stella McCartney


 LOVE Yourself

 PARTY – Hard 


 FREE – Clothes

 HATE – Flying

 LIFE – Unpredictable

  CITY – London

 ART – Inspiring

2 responses to “Fashion Forward with Molly: A Chat with Natasha Ndlovu”

  1. Jackie

    She seems to down to earth and friendly, awesome to see for a model

  2. Lucy

    Beautiful and well composed young lady. She really is going places

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