Introducing C’est Lauren Vie

The Socialite is delighted to introduce a brand new weekly column to the site entitled C’est Lauren Vie by brunette beauty Lauren Wentzel. Everything has a story, everyone has a story, and somehow she lands her Kardash (name given to her glorious behind) in situations that are either supremely glamorous or completely sticky. From rubbing shoulders with the glitterati at movie premiers to serial dating disasters with men that smell vaguely of parmesan, read it here first in C’est Lauren Vie…

Trawling through vintage stores is the same approach I take to life, seeking the classically beautiful as well as the bizarre and historical. Don’t be scared of the smell of mothballs or second hand feathers. C’est Lauren Vie is a life of beauty and sometimes complete disaster. If you’ve ever gazed at the beauty of light through a kaleidoscope (whilst on a pirate ship in dangerous waters) you will have an idea of the life of Lauren.

My interests are varied, from mixing vinyls to pastry baking I’m permanently collecting new hobbies. I grew up on the coast, developing a thirst for salt water and an obsession with sun kisses. Leaching is an understatement to describe how I fought for the attention of my brother and his friends as a kid, this time spent with the wolf pack created an early interest in what makes the allusive male mind/heart tick. I’ve spent time working on radio and music is one of those 3 things I’d take on a deserted island, it’s my oxygen. I have a penchant for bubblegum punk, which probably doesn’t suit my personality, as well as 90’s alternative and classical music. If you can appreciate Yellowcard and Vivaldi in the same sitting we can be besties. I play the piano and steel drums if that’s any indication of talent or confusion. I maintain my sister Kylie is the most creative person on the planet but having specialised in design, I will probably have an opinion on every fashion trend, piece of architecture and menu that has ever been created. Most importantly I have a complete obsession with Pirates, this is my primary career aspiration.

My Journalistic degree & spirit has dubbed me a Sherley Holmes as I investigate all avenues of life, dating and anything stylish…or edible.  This is a travelling column, C’est Lauren Vie has travelled the globe from Bali to the Bahamas and each adventure has presented itself with new cocktails, pirate tales and puppy dog’s tails. Crumbs I just needed a third one to rhyme I’ve never met puppies on my travels. Although, if you count adoring men… (haha insert modesty here). If you don’t have the time or resources to live an international life of mystery or the insanity to make your job description “Professional Muse”, let this be the column to vicariously follow.  C’est Lauren Vie will find itself in Europe in the next two weeks so you’re welcome to join, no passport needed.


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