Win VIP tickets to SA’s Big 5 @ the Wavehouse


VIP tickets up for grabs for SA’s Big 5 @ the Wavehouse right here on The Socialite…

To enter simply send us a suggestion on what question we could ask the Big 5 bands in our interviews and the two most original questions will each get you a VIP pass to SA’s hottest gig of the year.

It’s as easy as that, so go on,  leave your comments below or leave a comment on The Socialite Facebook group to stand a chance to win. What are you waiting for?

28 responses to “Win VIP tickets to SA’s Big 5 @ the Wavehouse”

  1. Melissa Lacey Blindell

    If you were not in a band what would you like to do?

  2. Blake

    Would you ever consider trying another genre of music?

  3. Melissa Lacey Blindell

    My dad is a very young 41 and is into all the bands playing (he even introduced me to Die Antwoord) would you think it strange if I won the vip tickets and bought him?

  4. Chia Kougianos

    Hey Melissa. You are welcome to bring any guest you wish to attend SA’s Big 5 @ the Wavehouse. Best of luck

  5. Charlene Thomas

    If the Big 5 Bands could get together on stage and do a massive collaboration song..Which artist would you most like to cover?

  6. Theresa

    Other than being apart of a band, do you have any other hidden/special talents??

  7. Lucy

    A question for each of the bands/artists/dj’s – What was your strangest or craziest moment on tour?

  8. Daniel Carpenter

    How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

  9. Mervyn Padayachee

    What is the inspiration behind your music?

  10. Dusty Rich

    What would it take for South African music and entertainment as a whole to brake the “big” time and become a driving force of music internationally, and how would use as an individual band/musician make it happen?

  11. Dusty Rich

    If you could get two bands/musician to breed and birth a new genre of music, what would that music be called and what would you name the new bands/musician?

  12. Mandy Singleton

    Given the opportunity to collaborate with 1 inernational artist, who would it be and why?

  13. catherine searle

    rock, paper or scissors?

  14. Michael

    What is your favourite sandwich?

  15. ilonka venter

    Who is your favourite cartoon/super hero character that u feel may have had an influence on ur personalities and personal style?

  16. Darryn Kok

    What would your message to all aspiring artists be?

  17. Thea Barkhuizen

    Where do you see yourself in 2020?

  18. Louise

    If you were to die tomorow, what would your last words be?

  19. Julie

    Which soccer team are you supporting during the World cup?

  20. Artie

    Who do you think would win the world cup?

  21. Jt

    Who is your fav local artist?

  22. Sharon

    What are you doing after the concert?

  23. Duncan

    What hs been the highlight of your music career so far?

  24. T

    Which one of your band members do you think is the biggest showoff when on stage?

  25. T

    Why are you pursuing a career in (enter genre of music here), in a country that’s dominated by Local African Music?

  26. Samantha

    Tequila, Jager bomb or a Suitcase?

  27. lolla

    What type of memory or legacy do u as a band wish to leave behind one day?

  28. Jef

    If your allergic to nuts, can you eat a squirrel?

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