Fashion Forward with Molly: The Street Style Phenomena

In the last ten years, some of the world’s major fashion forward cities including New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo seem to have replaced the catwalk with sidewalk. Miss Molly finds out more in this week’s edition of Fashion Forward with Molly…

Street fashion/style blogs such as ‘the satorialist’, ‘jak and jil’, ‘the facehunter’ and ‘street peeper’ are documenting the fashion that is going on in the real world being worn by real people. People who are not worried about what is currently on trend or what the fashion magazines say is acceptable. These are people who wear what they like and have the confidence to wear it well.


For forever, the masses have looked to the top designers, top fashion magazines and latest Fashion Weeks to see what is hot and what is not. It seems that through these respective blogs the tides may be changing.

Instead of the big design houses looking to their strong design teams full of creatives who have been in the industry for 30 years, they are now looking to the 15 year old girl from Tokyo who is has dyed her school uniform bright pink, or the young Parisian male who picked up a 50 year old coat and a pair of old military boots at a second hand store.

These blogs serve purely as inspiration to the big houses, to see how people have adopted their latest trends to their everyday look and to see what people are wearing and what they are not. Of course, they still have their big design teams, but they are definitely taking notice to the girls and guys of the streetwalk.


Check out these blogs to see some of the hot fashions out there and what people are wearing…

The Sartorialist:

Face Hunter:

Street Peeper:

Jak and Jil:

All pics courtesy of:

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