The Socialite Chats to Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady has just completed his “Making it Up” tour across SA brought back by popular demand. Chia Kougianos caught up with the star of “Whose Line Is It Anyway” and host of “Don`t Forget The Lyrics” to find out more…

 The 3-time Emmy award winner and 7-time nominee had much enthusiasm for his last show in South Africa as he revealed his love for the country and his experience of the sold out tour thus far. “I was really looking forward to coming back to South Africa after my last visit here. The audiences last year were amazing! I couldn’t  wait to get back to the people and the beautiful country. I am going to make you laugh as much as we did last year.”  And laugh we did. The “Making It Up” show showcased a night of hilarious stand-up comedy, singing, dancing and improv mayhem complete with a three-piece band and a chorus of talented dancers. The performer’s comic brilliance and pure talent were truly showcased in the night of comedy and music.

Wayne’s spectacular show is never the same but is always filled with unbelievable improv, hysterical skits, music and dance routines.” I love giving audiences a show unlike any other” says Wayne. “No two shows are ever the same; it’s a one-of-a kind experience.”

The 2010 “Making It Up” tour definitely lives up to its name as it begins with Wayne literally making things up off the top of his head. The audience of Wayne’s show is an integral part of the experience. Since the majority of the show is improv, the suggestions and participation of the audience is key and result in a completely different show each night. “My show is exactly that – it’s made up. It’s different every day because of the nature of it being made up on the spot and the audience helping us out” Wayne revealed.

During his routine, Wayne enlisted the help of a few select audience members who contributed by making up new song titles and keywords associated with SA culture. He then created songs with the audience-inspired content. The result is hilariously funny fast-paced comedy with the newly acquired words “Blue Lagoon”, “bliksome” and “koeksister” becoming part of the American performer’s vocabulary standing testimony to the improv nature of the show.

Wayne has a powerful singing voice and closed the show with two musical numbers unlike any of his previous performances, playing tribute to artists such as Stevie Wonder and Sammy Davis Jr.

Music, comedy and dance – nobody does it better than Wayne Brady.

3 responses to “The Socialite Chats to Wayne Brady”

  1. Melissa

    This is soo awesome!

  2. Sam

    Was such a fun show – the best parts were those that made use of the “South Africanisms”, especially blue lagoon – true Durban style! Thanks Wayne, you rocked!

  3. Jackie

    Was such an awesome show

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