Top Billing Darling Kelly Parkhurst

From sundowners to Kitkats to jumping off the Orlando Cooling towers it’s all in a day’s work for Top Billing’s Kelly Parkhurst. Chia Kougianos paid a visit to the bubbly brunette presenter to find out more…

1. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Press the snooze button and turn over. After about half an hour of pressing the snooze button I eventually drag myself out of bed to make some tea…I’m not a morning person!

2. Where will we find you on weekends?

I try not to be too predictable on the weekends. When you live in Cape Town there are so many different places to explore and enjoy. This past weekend I had sundowners on Llandudno beach, went to Franschoek for a lazy lunch and read on my couch at home.

3. What’s the one thing your fans wouldn’t know about you?

Although I love the idea of being a bit mysterious, what you see is pretty much what you get with me. I wish I had some exotic hidden talent like fire throwing. I can knit though… and if someone put a gun to my head I could probably sew something. I’m also pretty handy around the house; I even reassembled my coffee table once.

4. Your quick trick to looking fabulous?

A bit of cover up, a dash of white eye shadow in the corner of my eyes, lots of mascara and some towering heels. Heels are always the key ingredient to looking fab on a tight time budget! Oh, and a hat – if your hair’s a mess no one will know!

5. The craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Jumping off the Orlando Cooling towers for a shoot. I had to do it twice in the space of an hour because we could get it from two different angles. Crazy, but never again. The director still owes me a stiff drink for doing that!

6. Who would you want to play you in a movie?

Gosh, never thought about that! I love Natalie Portman. Other than having dark hair we don’t look very similar but I love her acting style and she is just beautiful! Or if the movie is raunchier then Megan Fox, as long as she doesn’t start eating people like in Jennifer’s Body… that would be weird.

7. Last song you sang out aloud?

‘We got married in the fever’ – one of the songs from Walk the Line. I love that sound track and it is always a great song to sing along to. Although they tend to get stuck in your head for a long time!

8. Your music collection consists of?

A  jumble of things from Metallica to Britney Spears, if it’s got a catchy chorus or a good melody I’m into it. My music on my computer is such a mess though, so I kind of ‘steal’ playlists from other people’s iTunes, that way I get to know different types of music and I don’t have to face my own collection.

9. Phrase you use all too often?

‘I’m hungry’… does that count as a phrase? I’ve got one of those tummies that’s always ready to eat. My stomach never tells my brain that I’m full, especially when it comes to sweet things.

10. Favourite indulgences?

 I am quite an indulgent person. After a day of dieting I always seem to reward myself with a ‘treat’, evidently I’m a great dieter! A Kitkat and tea while I’m watching a DVD at home is my best, or a plate of really good sushi. I also indulge in shoe shopping far too much. I have a fetish for heels…I need to stop.

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