Behind the Mic with Cokey Falkow

At the forefront of SA’s much loved exports is the one and only Cokey Falkow. Armed with one-liners and big ideas he tackles the stage with an unbridled wit and energy. The Socialite caught up with the ever popular performer recently to see what he’s been up to…

When did your love for acting begin?

As a kid I was already putting on neighbourhood plays and doing elaborate setup scenes with my star wars men and the neighbour’s daughters Barbie dolls.

When and how did you get into performing stand-up?

I had done improv before but never stand up. I tried out at an open spot in Joburg for the late Shaun Griggs. After that 1st gig I had a gig every week and then it just took off from there. Mel Miller became my mentor and I watched everyone I could.

Where do you draw your inspiration? Any SA personality you cannot resist but use as material for new jokes?
I just talk rubbish most of the time. I like to use my imagination. Doing the political stuff gets boring when there are 5 comics on at the same gig doing Zuma jokes. So everything from Discovery Channel to Dantes inferno references and flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz may be spoken about. The rest is left to real life personal experience.

Favourite local performers?

It would have to be Paul Snodgrass, Dave Levinson (I think he’s an improv genius) Martin Davis (he’s extremely funny), Mel Miller, Kagiso Lediga and Trevor Gumbi .

Advice to aspiring performers?

First bit: Mel Miller’s advice to me at 2 am in Pretoria outside a dive bar. I asked him how to rehearse stand-up and he said there is only one way to rehearse-on stage in front of a paying audience. Second bit of advice: Most of the time in this business you are being rejected. Life is tough, get a helmet. If you want it, go do it. No one will come to you and offer you the next big movie if you sit on your ass.

Future projects?

I’m currently working on pre-production on 3 new films. I will be back in SA later in the year to shoot Andre P Brink’s- Orgie in Cape Town with Made in Africa films. I have four others in pre-production too with various companies and I am now directing commercials too.

Phrase you use all too often?

Holy monkey nutZ! It’s very important to pronounce the’ Z’!

Your all-time favourite movie and how many times have you watched it to date?

Caddy shack, followed closely by Point Break. I think I’ve probably watched them about 50 times each. Via con Dios Bodhi!

Last song you sang out aloud?

Acdc Highway to Hell. But I got all the words wrong.

Who would you want to play you in a movie?

Peter Sellers. Dig him up.

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