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    Danger Ahead:Ph Fat Album Release

    Join local bass-heads Narch, Mike and Disco as they launch their latest album Dinosaur Blood. This Saturday sees P.H. Fat teaming up with Olmeca Tequila, Puma Social, Mahala and the Assembly to bring you a night of absolute insanity and the finest selection of dirty beats the Mother City has to offer. The Socialite last […]

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    Spring Fest 2010

    In celebration of their 6th Birthday, Cafe Vacca Matta Suncoast launched Spring Fest 2010 in association with UberCool Events, Jose Cuervo and Schweppes. The event saw 14 hours of non-stop entertainment  with one of the biggest underground line-ups Durban has seen to date, featuring acts like Mix n Blend, Funafuji, Switch and Spitmunky. Chia Kougianos was there […]

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