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  • Video Showcase: An Exclusive Interview with James Blunt
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    Video Showcase: An Exclusive Interview with James Blunt

    The Socialite brings you an exclusive with live coverage of James Blunt’s live concert in SA as well as a one on one with the British crooner himself when he joined us recently whilst on his world tour and chatted about his album Some Kind of Trouble, selling his sister on eBay and the most romantic thing he’s ever done for a […]

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    Elvis Blue wins Idols

    Congratulations and celebrations are in order as the winner of Idols 2010 was announced last night in a spectacular finale. Winner Elvis Blue, a 30-year-old from George, garnered the majority of the total of 2.3 million votes cast in the final vote of Idols Season 6. The Socialite finds out more…

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    From Idle to Idol

    With five seasons already done and dusted SA Idol enthusiasts are gearing up for the latest installment of the immensely popular award winning reality show. Chia Kougianos finds out more…

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