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    Smash and Dash

    Varsity parties, especially those conducted by the UKZN Canoe Club, bring to mind debauched romps in fields littered with semi- or wholly nude undergraduates exploring the deepest recesses of their sexuality. Saturday night’s ‘Smash and Dash’ party was no exception. The Socialite’s Russell Grant witnessed the night’s debauchery first-hand, check it out… Among others, a […]

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    It’s No Fear and No Frills for Comedian Bob Perfect

    Perhaps Bob Perfect could best be described as one of the most controversial ‘shock’ comics of our generation. Chia Kougianos caught up with the man behind the mouth to talk comedy, teleportation and an infamous heckle… We’ve all heard the expression, “You took that too far!” when it comes to certain jokes. Comedian Bob Perfect […]

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