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  • Is Online Bingo Trendy Now?

    It seemed that bingo was once in a terminal decline but these days the game is more popular than ever with celebs–and even the hipsters have got their eyes down… With bingo hall games such a Bongo’s Bingo, Rebel Bingo, and of course the birth of thousands of exciting online bingo sites, the game has […]

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  • Lights, Camera and Bingo!

    The Socialite believes that bingo is one of the latest online games to come under the spotlight so we decided to find out more, check it out… Oh yes, all eyes are on Bingo now as it is hogging the limelight. Celebrities and people alike are flocking to partake in the popular game. No surprises […]

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  • Bingo – The Biggest Celebrity Addiction Right Now

    Bingo – The Biggest Celebrity Addiction Right Now

    The Socialite discovers there’s no secret to playing bingo and that it may just be the biggest celebrity addiction right now, check it out… Bingo may sound dowdy, outdated, and it’s the kind of stuff that only pensioners and geriatrics play. You might imagine a group of little old ladies gathered in your local church […]

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