StyleMode.co.za’s Autumn/Winter 21 Collection

eCommerce fashion platform, StyleMode.co.za, recently launched its first Autumn/Winter (A/W) collection, which encapsulates the need for South Africans to move past months of lockdown in a bid to freely express themselves through what they wear this season – at home or out and about.

The fashion portal, powered over the well-established Loot.co.za platform, has steadily grown its base since launch in October 2020 – a watershed year for bricks and mortar retailers – and with its ultra-stylish private collection A/W ranges, Stylemode.co.za is set to firmly entrench itself as a fashion leader in the competitive fashion e-tail space. 

Transcending seasons and trends, StyleMode has created a series of what they call classic “Wardrobe Builders” that span all four of their private labels – Miss Mode, La Mode, Mode Curve and Style Mode.  These building blocks will give fashion pundits an affordable and timeless palette from which to artistically add their signature looks from the key themes – Love (think romantic intrigue), Laughter (Classic Lux and fun) and Liberty (a Street Grunge vibe) – that are dominating the international runways and are the perfect remedy with which to welcome winter.   

“A versatile wardrobe is an essential, especially in a post COVID-19 economy where disposable income has been diminished,” remarked Shereen Conrad, who heads up StyleMode’s fashion squad.  “Providing excellent quality staple pieces that can be styled up or down as the occasion warrants, and that don’t cost the earth, was an important consideration for us when designing these collections, and with even just one new piece added to the wardrobe, consumers can achieve a fashion freshness to their ensemble.” 

Frills and thrills – Get into the mode with:

Grunge and whimsical blooms meet, polka dots and sleek classic tailored looks, with a heaping of chic thrown in for good measure.  Luxe velvets, softly feminine jersey knits (all made in South Africa), with a hint of faux leather and brushed faux fur (try out StyleMode’s super soft and cuddly faux fur Teddy coat, a must have for any discerning wardrobe).  Also, on the menu for this season, show-off puffed sleeves, slim pencil silhouettes, interesting necklines, along with a sprinkling of houndstooth and plaid fabrics, all served up for a delectable smorgasbord ready to satisfy the most discerning fashion appetites. 

Layering is an ongoing staple, as too, as are Autumns dresses and up to the minute lounge wear, which is quickly setting itself as the defining fashion imperative of the new decade – on screen to be seen Zoom culture aside.  For those colder days, the blazer and puffer jacket get a play, along with Stylemode’s take on another of the season’s musts, the cape.  Little Red Riding Hood would approve.  

Colour gets an update as well.  Whilst black continues to play a strong role, expect to see more browns, toned with jewelled hints of purples, berries, blues and greens, accented with cream and the occasional grey and pops of red and yellow. 

The males of the species are not left out of this fashion fiesta either, with plenty of options to make themselves seen and heard.  Casual comforts mix it up with statement pieces for the man about town or country gent, with wardrobe builders also a must for men.

Footwear is naturally an essential and not to be forgotten, so StyleMode will be retailing a range of shoes, boots, brogues, sneakers and more to complement any of the romance, rebellion and revelry looks, along with accessories and scent to match.  

Where and how apparel is made, also continues to be a conversation that resonates throughout the industry – globally.  Nishai Sookdhew, who heads up the private label design and manufacturing at StyleMode also observed that: “StyleMode.co.za continues to focus its efforts on building a robust and vibrant local manufacturing sector and, as in our launch range, we have made the majority of this season’s garments predominantly in Cape Town and through female-owned production facilities. As much as this is a fundamental responsibility for us at StyleMode, it’s also a joy to see the quality coming out of these factories.”

StyleMode’s AW21 winter ranges also include well-known brands such as Plum, Miss Black, Brave Soul, Revenge, Miss Madison, Sarah J and more.

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