8 Beauty Tricks to Amp up Your Skincare Routine

Summer is upon us, and with the sun caressing our self-isolating bodies, it’s time to level up our everyday beauty habits and welcome a few new tricks along the way.

We reveal 8 beauty tricks on how to get your best complexion yet this season…

  1. SPF Saviour

After spending months cosying up in hoodies and scarves to combat the cooler months, summer is finally upon us. As the sun’s rays intensify, it’s important to welcome a sunscreen into your daily skincare routine. We recommend using a facial moisturizer that contains SPF so you can keep your skin glowing and gorgeous while protecting it from the sun’s rays throughout the year.

  1. Hydrate Yourself

A healthy diet of fruit and veggies with high-water content such as watermelon, cucumber and oranges is one way of keeping your skin hydrated. Although with the warmer weather approaching your skin starts to lack moisture and needs additional help. Rose water has been known to have profound benefits and is guaranteed to soothe your skin, protect it from the sun damage and off that extra bit of hydration.

  1. Go Nude

Let your skin breathe this season and swap out your liquid foundation for a light, face powder. They have fewer ingredients and are less likely to irritate your skin. You should also use products that are mineral based and are free of parabens. Another way to go nude is remove your make-up before bed. Allowing your skin to breathe overnight prevents blemishes and blackheads.

  1. Deep Clean with a Mud Mask

This lockdown our homes have all received a great bit of spring cleaning but so can your skin. Why not give it a try with a deep cleanse purifying mud mask. Masks are all the rage in beauty at the moment from sheet masks to charcoal and clay. They’re cost effective and more convenient than a spa treatment and you can enjoy one from the comfort of your home during quarantine.

  1. Rock a Faux Glow

Can’t wait to rock a summer glow? Stay away from the damaging effects of the sun and get your faux glow on with a self-tanner instead. Simply add it to your face cream or use it on its own for a gorgeous, bronzed vacation look. You can also enhance your spring glow with an illuminating CC cream, formulated to reduce the look of sallowness and brighten the look of your complexion.

  1. Invest in a Caffeinated Eye Cream

Banish puffy-looking eyes by reaching for a caffeinated eye cream or serum. It will help brighten and reduce the appearance of tired, fatigued-looking eyes. It also helps to combat the fine lines and wrinkles that can form around the eyes thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants and peptides.

  1. Keep it Steamy

Give your face a deep clean with an at-home facial steam and you’ll be amazed at the results. To clean clogged pores, simply steam your face over a bowl of boiling water for around 10 minutes. This will help open up your pores and clear out whatever is clogging them. After you steam your face, rinse with cool water.

  1. Ice Facials are In

Who knew ice cubes could be a skincare hero? For Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes, ice facials are her secret weapon. From functioning as a natural makeup primer to combating puffiness, acne and under eye dark circles the results speak for themselves. Advocates of ice facials suggest rolling four or five ice cubes into a soft cotton cloth. They then recommend using the covered ice cubes to gently massage your face with circular motions for a minute or two. The craze is also backed by Kate Moss, Lauren Conrad, and facialist Ole Henriksen. Sure, the method may be a little chilly, but rest assured the results will leave you looking hot!

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