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Valentine’s Day Watch Ideas: For Him & Her

Forget the flowers and chocolates this year and make it a Valentine’s Day to remember. Spoil your special someone with some of the hottest trends and must-have pieces from Nordgreen…

Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember, with the latest collection of watches for that special someone in your life. Timelessly elegant and authentically intelligent, their latest range remains the most sought-after collection to date. As seen in Vogue, Grazia and GQ magazine, their meticulous pieces are handcrafted with stainless steel and plated with iron, making them not only durable and hardwearing – but ready to stand the test of time. Rather than frantically heading out to get a last-minute gift the day before Valentine’s Day this year, why not choose from the bestselling men and women’s watches  and get the ultimate gift delivered straight to your door?

It’s In The Name

Nordgreen was founded by Pascar and Vasilij, two lifelong friends, watch enthusiasts, and born-and-bred Danes on a mission to deliver true Scandinavian design and lifestyle to everyone.

The “Nord” represents their Nordic identity. They not only strive to capture the sophisticated minimalism that is so inherent in Scandinavian design but aim to integrate Danish values into everything they do.

The “Green” captures their emphasis on sustainability. They take the necessary steps to ensure that all products and processes are as sustainable as possible, exemplified by their recyclable packaging and partnerships with sustainable manufacturers. At Nordgreen, the Scandinavian values of generosity and social responsibility always come first.

Watches Designed with You in Mind

After nearly a year of intensive collaboration, countless sleepless nights, and swimming pools’ worth of coffee, Nordgreen are thrilled to present a beautiful line of watches completely designed with you in mind.

Nordgreen’s chief designer, Jakob Wagner, wanted to bring the Native back to the founding routes of a watch with a brilliantly classic look which has been redefined for the modern being. The elevated design is a result of the rounded case. The clean dial, invisible minute marks and rounded lugs define the watches classic intentions.

This perfectly balanced designer watch is suitable for men, women, boys and girls. The Native is your perfect timepiece and ideal gift this Valentine’s Day. What’s more, with the option for inter-changeable straps, the look can be redefined for every occasion.

Along with The Native range there is also the Philosopher collection. This range is more about making a statement and feature a two-piece dial and asymmetric second hand to create a truly unique design. The other collection available is aptly named the Infinity and is undoubtedly an everyday essential. These watches are the embodiment of true Scandinavian minimalism.

Regardless of the collection you choose, each item is meticulously designed to be able to be worn every day, regardless of what clothes you have on, where you’re going, or how you’re feeling, allowing you to focus on the little moments that make life worth living. Nordgreen watches don’t just tell the time: they remind you to treasure it.

Giving Back Program

Nordgreen truly cares about their customers and want to make sure you feel good not just about the watch you buy, but about what your watch stands for. Using the serial and identification numbers found with the vegan watch you purchase; you have the unique ability to choose which cause is most important to you and where your donation will go.

You could choose to donate to Water for Good so that when you purchase a watch, you will give two months of clean water to one person in The Central African Republic. There is also the option to help with education. If you choose to donate with Pratham UK, when you buy a watch, you will give one month of education to a child in India. Or if you would like to help to protect a rain forest you have the choice of donating to Cool Earth. Each purchase will preserve 50 sqm of rain forest in Latin America.

You’ll find your unique serial number on the back of your watch. Next you need to find the Certificate of authenticity inside your watch box. On here you’ll find your identification number. Type this in exactly as you see it, with ‘- ‘and the capital letter at the end. Now pick your favourite cause and make a difference.

Your Valentine’s Day Gift Is A Click Away

Why not gift your loved one with something truly special this Valentine’s Day? You could even save up to 20% and add a touch of personal style to a gift bundle when you choose 1 or 2 extra interchangeable straps.

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