Banksy Opens High Street Shop – But You Can’t Ever Go Inside

Banksy has opened a “pop-up” shop in south London and The Socialite has all the details, check it out…

The store, called Gross Domestic Product, recently opened in the high street of Croydon following a legal dispute over Banksy’s name. It has since been revealed that the store came about as a result of a legal dispute with an unnamed greeting cards company. The shock announcement was made on social media by the controversial artist himself.

“I’m opening a shop today,” the artist said on Instagram. “Although the doors don’t actually open. GDP is the homewares brand from Banksy and this is our first and only store. The showroom is for display purposes only and the doors will not open. All sales will be conducted online when the website opens soon”.

According to ITV News, Banksy decided to open the pop-up after taking advice from his lawyer, who stated that he “is in a difficult position because he doesn’t produce his own range of shoddy merchandise and the law is quite clear – if the trademark holder is not using the mark, then it can be transferred to someone who will.”

All products will be handcrafted using recycled materials in the UK and will be going on sale for prices as low as £10 GBP/$12 USD. Various items include a stab vest he designed for Stormzy’s headline act at the Glastonbury Festival, a Tony the Tiger rug, a cradle surrounded by CCTV cameras. Other items for sale include disco balls made from used police riot helmets and a toddler’s counting toy where children are encouraged to load wooden migrant figures inside a haulage truck.

Although people will be able to visit the store for the next two weeks, its doors will never open and the lights will remain on 24 hours a day. The proceeds are set to go towards buying a new migrant rescue boat to replace one reportedly confiscated by Italian authorities.

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