How to Win with Lotto Social

Feeling lucky? We showcase Lotto Social on The Socialite today ahead of the £110M Super Jackpot and reveal there is a way to save money and win when taking your chance on the lotto. Find out how on the blog next…

It is likely that at some point you have flirted with the idea of winning the lottery. After all, just think of all the financial problems you could solve if you won, all for the tiny price of a lottery ticket.

Lotto Social are shaking things up with the way you play the lottery and are making things fun again. If you’re on the lookout for a new way to make money, save money and spend your days as a socialite we have a little lottery hack for you. We know it may sound too good to be true but there really is a way to make money while you take your chances at making it big.

Who are Lotto Social?

Enter Lotto Social - the official home for lottery lovers. If you play the lottery or like to try your hand at playing games online then Lotto Social is perfect for you. It’s a fun and easy way to play lotteries from all over the world using a syndicate management service, as well as playing instant win games to win cash prizes up to £7,000.

How You Can Save Money

Playing the lottery isn’t cheap and Lotto Social want to change that. Instead of paying £2.50 for a line on the Euromillions, they will give you 10 whole lines for just £1.

After taking advantage of this offer, you can join their membership service which costs just £5 a week, and get:

· 10 EuroMillions lines for only £1 on your first draw

· 5 FREE instant win games where you can WIN up to £7K

· 10 raffle ticket entries

If you are already playing the lottery then this is a great way to save money on your weekly lottery tickets.

It’s your chance to win the £110M Jackpot! You could be waking up to breakfast in Santorini, designing your dream home or go on a huge designer fashion spree.

Lotto Social Poin

Playing Lotto Social gives you plenty of perks including points that you can earn. You can get rewarded just for engaging with the website. You can also earn points by checking your winnings and winning them in games.

Every month, Lotto Social will donate £1,000 to charity. You can use your points to cast a vote between two charities, and the £1,000 is split between the two charities based on the votes received.

As well as being able to give back to the charity you choose, you can spend your points on playing more games on the website. There are plenty to choose from, where cash prizes are available. The top cash prize is a massive £7,000!

Get Rewarded for Referring Family and Friends

Lotto Social have a referral scheme in place which means you can make money from playing the lotto without even winning the lotto! Simply refer your family and friends to earn great rewards.

For every friend or family member that you refer to Lotto Social, you can get:

· £5 in withdraw-able cash

· £5 credit to spend on Lotto Social

· 1,000 points

What’s more, your friends and family will earn themselves 1,000 points by using your link, as well as saving money by using Lotto Social.

Sign Up to Lotto Social and Get 10 EuroMillions Lines

Start your Lotto Social membership today and get 10 EuroMillions lines. Plus, get 5 free instant win games where you can win up to £7k. You can cancel at any time.

Sign up at

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