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From Cape Town to Los Angeles: Socialite Exclusive with Goldfish

We caught up with Goldfish’s Dom and Dave ahead of their set for Music at the Lake, check out the exclusive below…

1. What do you enjoy doing most when you’re not performing or on the road?

We have always been surfers and there is nothing like the ocean to wash off Jetlag! Being based in San Diego these days means warm Pacific Ocean water which is a treat after the freezing cold Atlantic of Cape Town. And less sharks! Haha.

2. Most memorable moment on stage during a live show?

When we were on stage with Nelson Mandela at 46664 – that will always be top of the list.

3. Was there ever a time in your life where you thought you would pursue a career other than in music?

It’s always been Music for both of us. I think if you’re thinking about a plan B, then somehow the universe doesn’t really open the door completely. When you don’t have another option, you make it happen. That’s been our experience at least.

4. Which artist would you love to collaborate with one day either local or international?

Mikes Davis would have been amazing. He was such a visionary and was always pushing the boundaries. Whether he’d have been interested in collaborating with us is another thing though! His autobiography is a great read.

5. Any advice to aspiring artists out there?

Remember why you do this – because you love music. Everything else is just noise getting in the way

6. Favourite hotspots to hang out at in Durban?

I hear Goldfish at The Botanical Gardens is a good time…

7. You’ve performed across the country, what has been your favourite place so far and why?

Everywhere is different, and has its own personality and quirks. We always love playing shows in South Africa as it’s our fans that have been with us since the beginning. We don’t get to play Durban very often these days with tour schedules but it always goes off and the last show we did in Botanical Gardens was unforgettable.

8. Where do you draw your inspiration behind your material?

It comes from all over really. It could be watching an amazing artist at a festival or humming an idea out at the back line while we are surfing. You gotta be a fielder always ready for the inspiration when it flies by. Our iPhones are full of voice notes of little ideas.

9. What can we look forward to seeing at your live performance for Music at the Lake?

We always pull out a special mix of all our music as we now have five albums worth of material to draw from. Plus we have the amazing Emily Bruce joining us on vocals off tracks like Get Busy Living and Choose Your Own Adventure which is a real treat; she is an incredible live performer and just an amazing person.

10. What lies ahead for Goldfish?

After our South Africa tour we are off to London, Amsterdam, Denver, Aspen, Boston and beyond…there’s always somewhere to be in the world. We are so incredibly privileged to do this for a living.

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