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5 New Year’s Resolutions More Exciting than Joining a Gym

From travelling the world to mastering a new party trick, we’ve come up with a few ideas about what kind of resolutions will be fun to pull off for 2018, and none of them involve joining a gym. Check it out…

Every year, almost a third of the world’s population decide to make New Year’s resolutions. We’re pretty sure there are just a handful of people who actually manage to keep them. Perhaps everyone knows you’re not really going to get to the gym five times a week or pull off Meat-free Mondays but it’s the thought that counts, right?

So we’ve decided to feature 5 fun New Year’s resolutions that are a tad more realistic and relatable for 2018:

1)      Get your photo taken in exotic places

If you’re anything like us and have got swept up in the wanderlust trend, why not make seeing more of the world your New Year’s resolution for 2018? Not only will you get to share exciting content to Insta but you’ll have a visual record of each journey and you can set goals for each destination you visit.

2)      Learn a new party trick

Everyone has that one party trick that always seems to resurface at the end of a great night out after a few too many drinks. Why not master a fresh skill and have a new trick up your sleeve for the next time the clock strikes midnight? Who knows you could be the next YouTube sensation and have your face go viral for the world to see.

3)      Tick something off your bucket list

So these days you’re adulating hard and working a 9-5 while paying your own bills and cooking your own meals. You’ve got your life together and you’re responsible but is that really enough? Is there something on your bucket list you could be ticking off? Perhaps a destination never travelled or a balloon ride at sunrise or something simple like learning to parallel-park like a pro? This is your chance to have some fun and make your mark.

4)      Wage a bet

Life should be about having fun and throwing caution to the wind. Why not take a walk on the wild side and master a game of poker or play your hand at slots. From internet poker sites to great online casinos such as Fun88 there are millions of people around the world wagering on sports online and placing bets. And the best part – you can play any game of your choice without even having to leave your couch.

5)      Give yourself a phone detox

Try and switch your Smartphone off for a couple of hours the next time you’re out with friends or visiting the parentals for Sunday lunch. Candy Crush can wait and your friend with 243 followers on Instagram can survive another day without having their post see another like. On a side note, ignore this if you are reading this article on your phone…

Happy New dear Socialites, here’s to 2018

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