5 Shocking Beauty Trends We Dare You to Try

Step away from the contouring powder and put down those fake lashes. We’ve got 5 shocking beauty trends we dare you to try next…

Where do most people go to get the latest fashion and beauty trends? Instagram of course and these last few weeks have seen a rise in the crazy and bizarre. Move over messy buns and velvet lips as that’s sooo 2016. Those trends appear way too easy to pull off and the people of Insta have upped the stakes to a whole new level.

The beauty and fashion industries are some of the most sought after businesses in the world and feature ever-changing and increasingly bizarre trends in hopes of capturing everyone’s attention. For the most part we at The Socialite can usually find the appeal but perhaps you’d agree these next 5 trends are too far in left field for the average person.

Here are five shocking beauty trends we dare you to try now:

The Nutella Face Mask

Nutella is one of the world’s most popular items to find in a shopping cart– the delectable hazelnut and chocolate treat that works wonders both in the tub or baked in a brownie. But now there seems to be another great use for this beloved product in the form of a DIY face mask. Beauty Blogger and Instagram star Habiba swears by it and her own unique recipe saw it make global headlines.

We’re constantly seeking the secret to good skin and perhaps Nutella may be the answer we were looking for after all…

Coloured Brows

Feel like your brows just haven’t reached the right levels of fleek yet? Perhaps the answer lies in turning them into rainbows, or not. But that really is the next big thing when it comes to beauty trends for 2017. Green and blue are perfect for a mermaid vibe or opt for orange and red for firebrows.

Say goodbye to Cara Delavigne brows and hello to coloured brows.

Edible Make-Up

When it comes to lipstick they have become the new body canvas of choice. Crazy lip art is flooding social media around the world and there’s hundreds of artists and make up gurus transforming their pouts into sparkling pictures, mesmerising designs and textured creations. For this next craze all you need is a little creativity and a healthy dose of patience and you’re all set to go.

What’s the latest craze in lip art you ask– edible make-up! We’re talking sprinkles. Fight the urge to lick your lips when you look in the mirror, we dare you.

Naked Make-Up

Do a quick search for the #NoMakeup hashtag on Instagram and you’ll see that the growing movement already has over 12 million tags to its name. Singer Alicia Keys first began rocking the no make-up look back in 2016 and soon a string of celebs followed suit.

This trend encourages makeup wearers to embrace flaws and focus on achieving beautiful, healthy skin. If you’re not ready to go completely makeup-free like us then why not try switching to sheerer formulas and wearing lighter colours to mimic the look of a bare face.

Metallic Lips

It’s safe to say shimmery metallic shades are making a comeback and we may or may not be blaming Kylie Jenner for this. Her collection of Kylie Metal Matte Lipstick is a sell out and the Kardashian clan does have a knack for setting trends.

The new class of fall lipsticks have taken on an edgy metallic finish, and While everyday shades like nude and pink and even red are wearable and classic, metallic shades just have an edgy trendy appeal. Metallic lipsticks are a true statement-making product and they do highlight your lips in a great way.

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