Chad Da Don Reveals All: Future Collabs, His Latest EP & More

 In this week’s Entertainment Feature of the Week we feature an exclusive interview with Chad Da Don as he reveals all about future collabs, his upcoming EP and more… 1. What do you enjoy doing most on weekends? In my free time I love to play golf or relax and spend time with family. 2. Most memorable moment on set during a music video shoot or live on stage? My most memorable moment on stage must have been when Locnville brought me out at Rocking the Daises. We killed the show! 3. Was there ever a stage in your life where you thought you would pursue a career other than in music? Not at all, music has always been the be all and end all for me. 4. Any South African artists who inspired you along the way? I love all South African artists but I find inspiration in so many other things and not just music alone. 5. Which artist would you love to collaborate with one day either local or international? I would love to collaborate with Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dollar Sign, Eminem and the list goes on. It will happen – watch this space… 6. Any advice to aspiring artists out there?Work, work and more work. And when you think you’ve worked enough, work a little more.

7. Favourite hotspots to hang out at in SA? I love Pretoria. It’s home and I would definitely advise a trip to the top of Waterkloof overlooking the city at night. It is life-changing! 8. You’ve performed across the country, what has been your favourite place so far and why? I have experienced so much love everywhere in SA. I have to say though Cape Town, Pretoria and the smaller cities like Bloemfontein P.E etc. it’s all love wherever we go. 9. Where do you draw your inspiration behind your material? I draw inspiration from life itself and the journey that it takes you on. Every day that you are breathing, you have purpose and meaning. My purpose is music. 10. Being completely honest, what was the first cassette or CD you ever bought? Get Rich or Die Trying by 50 Cent and I played it on repeat all day, every day on my Walkman. 11. If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show what song would you sing and why? Haha I don’t think I’d ever audition for a TV show but if I had to, I would definitely choose “Sing for the Moment” by Eminem. 12. What’s next for Chad Da Don? I’m launching an E.P with Locnville coming out soon called African Icon Volume 1. I am also currently working on my second album. It’s a big year for CB. There’s a lot of music coming your way this year.

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