Jimmy Dishes on his Music, Fav Hotspots & Fashion Line

When you’re stylish yet eccentric and you’re always thinking out the box the next logical step is to launch your own fashion line. This is exactly what SA muso Jimmy Nevis has up his sleeve for 2017 and The Socialite’s Chia Kougianos caught up with him to chat about his plans for music and fashion domination. Check it out…

1. What kind of sound are you feeling these days?

I love so many different genres. My new sound is really different to anything I’ve done before. You’re either going to love it or hate it. You’ll going to have to wait and see. However, I don’t think I’ll ever lose my pop.

2. Where do you draw your inspiration behind your singles?

Inspiration comes from the world around me. It also comes from my own ideas and my emotional connection I have to music. At the end of the day, I want to use music to share my story, the moments that make my life. Those moments could be happy or sad.

 3. In your opinion, what makes a successful track these days?

The same thing that made a good song 50 years ago – good lyrics, a good hook and music that moves you – physically or emotionally. It’s also about honesty.

4. What matters to you most as a musician?

The music – it’s the core of what I do. I birth ideas and melodies and they become my babies. I feel like the world becomes the step mother of these songs and we all take care of it in our own way. They can take away the fame, the money, the fancy parties, but the music will always live on.

5. You’ve toured a lot; which city has the most exciting music scene?

I love every city for different things. Johannesburg is awesome because of the hype. There’s such a huge respect for hip hop and soul music. I also love the artists that come from Jozi – some really good people.

6. Weirdest thing to ever happen to you during a live performance?

Getting touched on my crotch by a fan mid-song…yup.

7. Most memorable moment on stage or during a studio session?

I have many memorable moments. I think opening for Pharrell and getting to chat to him afterwards was pretty great.

8. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love hiking, swimming and running – anything outdoors.

9. Favourite local hotspots?

I enjoy going to unique spots like Craft Parkhurst, The Orbit – anything in Melrose Arch.

10. What’s next for Jimmy Nevis?

Brand new music and I’m launching a clothing line called “York Yard”. There are some very exciting things happening sooner than you think.

Picture credit: Earl Martin Photography

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