Top 5 Online Games Inspired by the Big Screen

This week we showcase the Top 5 Online Games Inspired by the Big Screen from Jurassic Park to Ghostbusters as we reveal the top 5 for 2016, check it out…

For almost as long as there have been games, there have been film tie-ins and in some cases these online games manage to eclipse even the biggest Blockbuster earnings. These games did an incredible job of capturing the true essence of the films that inspired them.

If video games and online gaming doesn’t take your fancy there’s always the allure of casino games. The casino gaming industry is always at the forefront of the latest trends and set out to develop new and exciting games for their audience and one well known source of inspiration is the movies. After all, who doesn’t love the movies? Here’s where M88 comes to the rescue as some of their most popular games of choice have derived from well-known movies.

We present to you the Top 5 Online Games Inspired by the Big Screen

1.     Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000

It may come as no surprise that there are a few games out there which bear the Aliens versus Predator name but undoubtedly the Classic 2000 is the one to beat. Some have even gone so far as to say it’s the best Aliens game of all time. It’s set in dimly-lit corridors and passageways and the mystery and intrigue is palpable as you set out knowing that something deadly awaits you. Here you’ll see full out combat and adventure as you fight your way through encountering every type of specie imaginable.

2.     Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

This was a firm hit in the office and after the recent string of Jurassic Park remakes to hit the big screen it was an obvious choice for game owners everywhere. It evokes the true essence of the original films and perfectly translates the movie into an interactive online version. Essentially each player builds the park and then will run the park encountering various forms of prehistoric wildlife along the way.

3.     Mad Max

Coming in at number 3 in our Top 5 list is none other than Mad Max as it received such rave reviews and was an obvious choice for an action based game. It’s concept and design is flawless as it perfectly replicates that of the unrelenting Fury Road and characters we see in the made-for-Hollywood big screen adaption.

4.     Pirates of the Caribbean

We can’t be sure that we included this one as an ode to Johnny Depp but nevertheless Pirates of the Caribbean sneaks in at number 4 as this large flash game is definitely worth a try. It’s based on the movie of the same name and is fairly easy to navigate using the cursor keys.  In this adventure game you have to solve a series of problems by collecting items such as keys to open a door. We highly recommend selecting Jack Sparrow as your character of choice as you get to experience his character based entirely on the film complete with smoky eyes, a penchant for the bottle and his glorious accent.

5.     Ghostbusters

Now you can lead the famous ghost-fighting team through a riveting comic adventure in the online gaming version of Ghostbusters. Run over the ghosts in New York City and select classic Ghostbusters music to listen to. A fun fact is that the four of the original Ghostbusters voiced their characters for the multi-platform game. Set two years after Ghostbuster 2, the player gets to be a fifth Ghostbuster in training, basically fulfilling every 80s kid’s fantasy.

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