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Socialite Exclusive: Barry Hilton Interview & Giveaway

Barry is a household name when it comes to the SA comedy scene and has performed for over 30 years. The Socialite has an exclusive interview and giveaway, check it out…

Come May and July this 2016, Barry will be taking his insanely, funny new show, Evolver, to theatres in South Africa and abroad. We caught up with Barry to chat about his latest show, touring and what lies ahead for the comedian…

1.      From your own experience, how has the SA comedy scene changed over the past couple of years?

There’s been a comedy revolution with a tidal wave of local talent taking comedy to new heights in SA and abroad. These are exciting times. With the unstable political and social climate we face on a daily basis, people are crying out for comedy because there is nothing like laughter to lift one’s spirits. Comedy clubs are popping up around the country and theatre comedy performances are enjoying sold out runs. Social media has helped greatly to garner support for and appreciation of comedy in many different formats.

2.      You’ve toured a lot; which city have you enjoyed the most?

Hands down it has to be Hong Kong. It’s just the greatest, most vibrant, incredibly diverse city, I love it and I love performing there. I’ll be performing in and visiting Hong Kong again early next year.

3.      What is the weirdest thing ever happened to you during a live gig?  

It would be one night during a live show when a gang of AK47 yielding gunmen entered the room while I was still on stage! It sent me and the most dedicated gamblers diving for cover. It was terrifying and surreal at the same time.

Weirdest was when during a performance to a packed theatre; a sushi chef came on stage with a platter of sushi and wouldn’t get off the stage.

4.      Where do you draw your inspiration behind your shows?

It is mostly from everyday life. I’m a keen observer and I enjoy interacting with people. My shows are not scripted and very often, things I’ve seen and experienced during the day, will pop into my show that same night.

5.      Favourite comedian local or international and why?

Richard Pryor is my hero. His physical impressions and impersonations are unbeatable and his energy levels off the charts.

6.      What can we look forward to seeing at your next show?


7.      Who would you love to collaborate with one day and why?

I’d love to be on the Ellen de Generes show someday – mostly to see what perfect gift she’d choose for me (laughs).

8.      Who would you want to play you in the film of your life?

Denzel Washington as I’ve watched enough of his movies; it’s time he repaid the favour.

9.      Any local or international personalities who inspired you along the way?

Richard Pryor and Billy Connolly inspired me greatly. In my early days, I worked with Billy Connolly and he was not only an inspiration but he also gave me advice that turned my whole style around. He told me to tell stories and not jokes as was the trend way back when. His advice, together with that of my mentor Johnny Noble – keep it clean and you’ll always be on the scene – has brought me to where I am today.

10.  What’s next for Barry Hilton?

A lekker braai and hopefully an early night for a change. It’s my day off today.

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