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Z for Zachariah goes Post- Apocalyptic

In the wake of a disaster that wipes out most of civilization, two men and a young woman find themselves in a love triangle as the last known survivors. The Socialite finds out more about Z for Zachariah next…

Let’s face it, the Earth in its present form is quite something and as we’re faced with climate change, terrorists and natural disasters we can be grateful that we are yet to experience post-apocalyptic disasters. It’s hard enough just to survive out here but can you imagine trying to rebuild civilization? For Ann, this just may be her reality.

Margot Robbie stars in thesci-fi drama Z for Zachariah which is due to be released this Friday. The film is set within a secluded valley that has survived global catastrophe. After a disaster that wipes out most of humanity, it’s just Ann who is the sole survivor left after the nuclear devastation hit.

She begins to take her life back on the farm she once shared with her family while fears of being the only known survivor in the world plague her. Enter John Loomis played by Chiwetel Ejiofor and the world as she knew it changes forever. The two start to grow closer until a miner called Caleb played by Chris Pine arrives on the scene and disrupts the peace, stirring up emotions which threaten to ruin everything.

The tension in Z for Zachariah is palpable and is unlike any of the other end-of-the-world films out there. It’s thrilling, calculated and intimate. The film is an adaptation of Robert C. O’Brien’s award-winning 1974 novel and is set in the Eastern United States and was shot mostly in New Zealand paying close attention to details from the novel.  However none of the principal characters in the book or in the film were named Zachariah. The title actually refers to a children’s ABC book belonging to main character Ann played by Margot Robbie, which has the letter ‘A’ corresponding to Biblical character Adam, and ‘Z’ to Zechariah -who Ann imagines will be the name of the last man alive.

Watch a sneak peek of the film below by clicking the image:

Catch Z for Zachariah at Ster Kinekor theatres nationwide which is due out this Friday 8th April 2016.

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