Welcome to SA Papparoti

Famously known worldwide for their famous buns and signature kadak chai, Papparoti has finally opened its doors in SA. The Socialite finds out more…

If you haven’t already encountered Papparoti first hand on your travels chances are you’ve come across them on Instagram. The bun with a doughnut like buttery-centre can be found at no less than 120 outlets in the Middle East alone and there are over 400 franchises worldwide. The glorious little bun has a crispy caramel-and-coffee exterior and is buttery and fluffy in the inside. Choose from a range of toppings included toasted almonds and you’re left with something heavenly.

It is said that the Sheik orders 50 a day. It’s eaten differently in different countries and popular with kids who love it drizzled in Nutella or caramel. Those who frequently travel through Dubai, ensure they pick up one on the pit stop.

Now, thanks to husband and wife entrepreneurs, Faruq and Seema Dhaler, Papparoti has arrived in South Africa. They recently opened their first outlet in Westwood Mall in Durban. The eatery is a unique alternative to the western coffee shop and sure to be popular with the well-travelled.

We can’t make up our minds on which are our favourite, chocolate or honey? Guess we’ll have to just stick to both…

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