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Christina Milian Turned Up is back for Season 2

Season 2 of the reality show Christina Milian Turned Up is scheduled to premiere on E! on Friday the 13th November and The Socialite has a sneak peek for you…

Once again E! will showcase the lives of actress and singer Christina Milian, her mom Carmen, and her two sisters Danielle and Lizzy to have Behind the Scenes access to the loud, loving, opinionated and multi-talented Cuban-American family viewers have come to love.

Whether she’s a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, a social correspondent on The Voice, touring with superstar Drake, or working on her new studio album with Lil’ Wayne, Christina Milian is working non-stop to reinvigorate her music career.

In this season, Christina is putting her music career first by taking on an entirely new music team, which causes tension between herself and her manager/mother Carmen. She even takes us behind the scenes in the making of the music video for her upcoming single, “Like Me,” with rapper Snoop Dogg.  She will also be put through the paces when she begins mentoring a music group comprised of young sisters who have a very opinionated “momager.”  In addition, the singer-songwriter and co-star of FOX’s new comedy series Grandfathered, opens up about the highs and lows of her personal life.

Meanwhile, a pregnant Danielle and her husband Richard receive the devastating news that their unborn baby has a birth defect called Omphalocele, which the two struggle to come to terms with.  Luckily, Danielle has her family by her side for support during the most difficult journey she’s ever had to face.

Lizzy, the youngest of the three sisters, has a new French boyfriend, Dom who is a professional soccer player whom she met on Instagram. Ever the chameleon, she immerses herself into all things French. However, Lizzy’s relationship is tested when Dom must travel back-and-forth from Los Angeles to France.

Celebrities. Music Sensations. Actresses. Activities. But always, a family first.

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