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Reasons to Take to the Sea for your Next Spring Fling

While winter is almost over for this year and warmer days are coming, you may already be looking forward to this year’s warm weather adventures. Where will you be heading for your first spring fling of the year?

Dusting off those Cobwebs

Spring is a fantastic season for an adventurous getaway, particularly if you’re thinking about heading out to sea. There’s nothing quite like dusting off winter’s cobwebs with a warming sea breeze, views of a landscape that is just coming to life, and rolling waves that seem to go on forever. The great thing about a boating holiday is that there are so many options. Perhaps you fancy yourself as a captain and will be commandeering your own yacht, or maybe you’re content to sunbathe up on deck while someone else does the hard work. You may even decide to divide your time between vessels and experience a new continent by boat.

Whichever of these inspires you, a sailing holiday or spring fling can be one of the very best ways to see the world. It’s a voyage that can be experienced at any age. Many of us may have dreamed about taking our work with us for a few weeks, or even months, and sailing around the world in the hopes of discovering new lands. However, not many of us may be afforded that opportunity, but why not? As well as the season of renewal, spring is a great time to start living your dreams, and we dare you to head to sea on your next spring fling. After all, what better way to spend a holiday than island hopping, experiencing new cultures, seeing a little more of the world that’s often hidden to those on land? You can watch nature in its element, or take the helm and control your own adventure? You may even want to throw in a little swimming, diving, fishing, or surfing while you’re at it, that is, when you’re not heading inland to explore.

Sailing: The Favourite of the Rich and Famous

Even if you’ve been living under a rock recently you’ll know that sailing holidays – often aboard luxury yachts and catamarans – have always been a favourite of the rich and famous. They have been lucky enough to experience the ocean and been bitten by its bug. Lord Laidlaw, the Scottish baron, businessman, and former member of the House of Lords, is one such frequent sailor. His superyacht, the Lady Christine, owned by Lord Laidlaw, can often be seen wending its way through our waters, as well as those surrounding South Africa, Monaco, France, and Sardinia, where the Lord has holiday properties. Sailing is freedom; nowhere on land is there such an expanse to play with. Often the question is how far to go, rather than where to go. The sea air itself is also intoxicating, and those who embark upon a sailing trip, to “give it a go” will often find themselves returning to the waves year after year. Spring is coming… Isn’t it time you afforded yourself this fling? More than freedom, though, sailing is a chance for families to come together, for friends to bond, and for couples to discover which of them really wears the captain’s hat. More and more people are tiring of lazy beach holidays, and sailing combines the beauty of the sea, the relaxing lifestyle of the beach, and the adventure of an adrenaline-fueled getaway.

Despite the cooler days and Christmas just around the corner, spring is well and truly on its way for some people, particularly for those planning their next spring fling. The season is one of the very best for heading out to sea too, giving sailors stunning views and a sense of adventure that staying on land just cannot muster. When will you be joining them, landlubber?

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