Travelling to Durban for the 2022 Commonwealth Games

South African sport fans are still in celebration over the news that Durban has placed a bid for the 2022 Commonwealth Games to be the host city.

The announcement was made officially earlier in March this year, but now funding arrangements have been made, confirming that the government will invest $90 million into the event. With all of this forthcoming excitement for South Africa, sports fans around the world will be flocking to South Africa to catch a glimpse of their favourite athletes – but what else does this city have on offer? Located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban has a whole host of fun activities for your friends and family.

Starting off with the adults – those who are coming to watch the sport will likely be trying to have a punt on some of the most exciting games there, but if they have a real urge to satisfy their gambling cravings, then they can always swing by the Suncoast Casino and Hotel.

For family travellers, consider popping by the Phezulu Safari Park, which offers an engaging insight into Zulu culture in the form of traditional tribal dances. That’s not discounting the animals of course, which range from slithering snakes to deadly crocodiles.

Of course, if terrifying animals are your thing, then make sure you swing by the Blue Wilderness, which gives brave swimmers the opportunity to swim with real life sharks. Visitors are assisted by trained divers, who can guide them through a safe and enlightening experience that showcases just how beautiful these majestic creatures truly are.

What’s more, if the rush of the sports at the Commonwealth Games isn’t enough, then why not hit the Big Rush Urban Adrenaline Adventure? This incredible day out offers the world’s largest bungee jump, standing at an incredible 347 feet high. This one is certainly not for the faint-hearted, but it does give visitors the chance to say they have taken part in an activity which made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

In 2022, Durban may have the lure of the Commonwealth Games, but if people are coming for the sport, they will definitely stay for the thrills!


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